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A Superconductor in the Power Industry

Baseload Power is generating waves of international interest and impact

Photography by Rachel Benavides

“I had no clue how the power industry was starving for a good, efficient and reasonably priced power services company,” said Richard Lowrance, managing director and co-founder of Baseload Power. Based out of Corpus Christi, Baseload Power is a power generation parts and services company providing maintenance services to the U.S. and abroad while striking up agreements with juggernauts such as General Electric and Baker Hughes. 

The company dates back to July of 2012, when Lowrance and director of operations Robert Walshe took a leap of faith to provide reasonably priced and trustworthy power service. Baseload Power is a commercial provider that works with big utility companies and packagers, servicing 10- to 120-megawatt generators. For scale, 100 megawatts can provide power to 100,000 homes — so Baseload’s work definitely affects civilians’ day-to-day lives.

The company takes pride in its high quality standard. Of its 40 employees, 30 are field service engineers. This relatively small team services the Coastal Bend, Bolivia, Colombia, Trinidad, Tobago, Guam and more. Despite the wide reach, its response time is excellent. “There is no one in the world who has the reaction time we do,” said Lowrance, who also emphasized the company’s compassion and dedication to clients. 

The results of these efforts are staggering. Over the past 10 years, the growth has led Baseload Power to generate $16 million a year. 

And while Lowrance focuses on clients, his wife, Diane, helps shape the internal company culture. She is the director of administrative services of Baseload Power, and passionate about celebrating and recognizing the work of everyone on the team. She also leads community involvement efforts; the team at Baseload Power takes pride in getting involved and giving back to the community through donation drives to the Salvation Army, Purple Door, USO and Mission 911. It all relates back to company culture, as one of its core values is to provide help to those in need. 

Baseload Power is an organization making differences in every area it touches, from commercial clients to its employees to the community. Whether repairing a generator or aiding a charity, Baseload Power is committed to being there.