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A New Community Mural at the Antonio E. Garcia Arts and Education Center

Local artist Mayra Zamora guides students in the creation of a new mural titled El Jardín

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photo courtesy of: Mayra Zamora

As things make their way towards a new normal, students at the Antonio E. Garcia Arts and Education Center return to creating murals guided by local Chicanx muralist Mayra Zamora. The center’s director, Esmeralda Teran reached out to Zamora and invited the artist to return to teaching mural arts for Teens Building for Tomorrow – a program founded by the Garcia Center’s own Jermeka Morrison.
This fall will mark a decade for Zamora teaching at the center. Her start as a tutor at the Garcia Center via a TAMU-CC work-study eventually evolved into a summer camp assistant. Over time, she rose to become a lead instructor and after school teacher.
“In 2019, I was allowed to partner with the teen program and create my own teen mural camp,” Zamora says. “We lost a summer due to COVID, so this year, I wanted to make thw mural extra special.”
Zamora guided students to research Otomi Mexican Folk art and design animals found in the garden. The theme of the new mural is garden animals with an Otomi twist, titled El Jardín, which translates to The Garden.


The students engage in the mural process from beginning to end, including priming, gridding, choosing the background color, and so much more.
“The ultimate goal is not necessarily to create a mural but to give them real-world experience of how to work together in a collaborative setting and making forever memories,” Zamora shares.
July 2nd marked the mural’s completion and is viewable to the public! So stop by, snap a pic, and tag @miramayraart and @garciacenter.