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5 Thanksgiving Ideas For a Safe Celebration

Here's how to enjoy the holiday during our new normal

By: Jessie Chrobocinski  Photo: Lillian Reitz

While annual traditions and gatherings with family and friends usually accompany the Thanksgiving holiday, COVID-19 challenges us once again to reinvent the norm. To help you with new creative ways to connect, we’ve put together five festive ideas for a safe celebration.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Celebrate with fun with a virtual scavenger hunt. Create a list of picture-worthy scavenger items easily found in anyone’s home. With gratitude in mind, it could be something as simple as “something you’re thankful for.”

Collaborative Meal Time

Even if we can’t get together in person, a collaborative dish exchange among family and friends can cultivate a similar connection. Together, craft a menu and then divvy up the recipes or cook the same meal at once. If preparing separate portions of the meal, package and deliver them to each household. Then organize a virtual meeting to share the meal.

Thanksgiving Picnic

BYO-Thanksgiving picnic, a phrase I thought I’d never say until 2020 came along, is an excellent alternative for a small, low-risk gathering outdoors. Be sure to remain socially distant and prepare your own meal; gathering like this is one more way to safely celebrate the feastful holiday.

Appetizers and Autumn-Themed Drinks

If intimate gatherings are more your style this holiday, consider skipping the cost of an extravagant meal and splurge on festive beverages and bite-sized appetizers for a handful of guests.


This year give more than thanks; give back. Consider devoting time to volunteer. This holiday season, the need for resources and volunteers is much needed. Consider volunteering virtually, in-person (wearing a mask, of course), or donate to local organizations or charities.