10 Best Restaurants for Takeout in Corpus Christi

10 Best Restaurants for Takeout in Corpus Christi

Here are 10 local restaurants striking the perfect takeout balance of convenience, comfort and quality in Corpus Christi.

A hand holds a gyro from Eirinis Gyros & More in Corpus Christi, Texas

Eirinis Gyros & More tops our list of go-to takeout options. Photo by Rachel Benavides

Much to the dismay of our wallets, sometimes The Joy of Cooking eludes even the most devoted of home cooks. Whether it be the middle of the week grind or a lapse in culinary creativity, takeout can be the lifeblood of a busy schedule. Here are the local restaurants that strike the balance of convenience, comfort and quality in Corpus Christi.

JaJa Cafe

Since opening its doors, JaJa Cafe has captured the hearts of many in search of an authentic Chinese food experience on the go. While the menu features a variety of complex dishes that warm the senses–from boiled spicy and ginger fish dishes to mapo tofu–they also offer a healthy lineup of fan American Chinese fare like sweet-and-sour chicken and moo goo gai pan. 5714 McArdle Rd. • (361) 929-5717

Eirinis Gyro and More

In a region with a notable shortage of Greek-American cuisine, Eirinis Gyros & More is the gift to the Coastal Bend that keeps on giving. Family-owned and operated since 2012, Eirinis offers a slate of authentic Greek dishes made fresh daily, including favorites like spanakopita and moussaka. From gyros and burgers to Greek twists on classic sandwiches like the Greek Philly, this could be the perfect lunch or dinner spot if you’re on the go. Just don’t skip the homemade baklava. 4360 S. Alameda St. • (361) 334-2150


Z-Counter offers an eclectic menu of Asian-American fare that bodes well for anyone seeking a reliable spot to mix it up every now and then. A fast-moving staff and years in the takeout game make this establishment an ideal to-go location for anyone looking to get in and get out without sacrificing the creature comfort of a good meal. 1220 Airline Rd. #155 • (361) 9911115

Pavani Express

The cornerstone disguised as a corner store, Pavani Express provides a quick and delicious fix for anyone in search of enduring Indian classics. Hot and freshly prepared, this inconspicuous spot is the perfect to-go option for anyone working in the city or looking to pick up some tandoori chicken after a long day. 3206 Tiger Ln. • (361) 929-5775

Authentic New York Pizza

This local favorite brings a piece of New York to South Texas, and not in name only. Authentic New York Pizza offers a variety of Italian-American fare to those in search of a hearty weeknight dinner, making it a perfect option to take home to a hungry house. Their prices are hard to beat when paired with generous portions, quality ingredients and great service. 5838 S. Staples St. • (361) 986-1151

Big Bowl Korean BBQ

For those craving Korean BBQ that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home, look no further than Big Bowl Korean BBQ. The name is no joke: the portions are generous, and all at a reasonable price. Every dish on the menu makes for an ideal family-style option to share over a weeknight binge of your favorite show. 6419 Weber Rd #19 • (361) 334-6055

Acapulco #1

A tried-and-true weeknight staple for anyone in need of a Mexican comfort meal, Acapulco has your back. From their daily specials to all-day breakfast, Acapulco’s menu runs the gamut of classic Mexican and Tex-Mex favorites, perfectly suited for any takeout night. Pro-tip: they sell half gallons of limonada to-go. 1133 Airline Rd.  • (361) 9947274

Ginger Cafe

While takeout to some is synonymous with indulgence, Ginger Cafe offers an option as kind to your schedule as it is to your healthy New Year’s resolutions. Don’t feel like ordering pizza? Call in for a fattoush salad, lentil soup or a chicken lettuce wrap, but don’t forget the hummus. 7009 S Staples St. • (361) 946-9834

El Taino

A newer spot in the growing network of diverse Latin-American fare in the Coastal Bend, El Taino takes its name very seriously, and rightly so. The menu features Puerto Rican classics, from pernil to mofongo and habichuelas guisadas, that make for an ideal mid-week takeout meal that shakes up the routine. 5425 S. Padre Island Dr. 101A • (361) 500-4091

Southside Barbacoa

Most people hear ‘takeout’ and think of lunch or dinnertime, but one prime South Texan weekend tradition is the pinnacle of takeout experiences: barbacoa. Southside Barbacoa offers some of the best barbacoa in the Coastal Bend along with other Tex-Mex breakfast staples. Pro-tip: best eaten from a styrofoam box with a bottle of Big Red. 5894 Everhart Rd. A • (361) 334-0888

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