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What You Need In Your Purse This Holiday Season

Inspiration for your next holiday soirée handbag

Photography by Deux Boheme

By: Leslie Castro  Photos: Deux Bohème

Velvet and tassels and beads, oh my! Whether you opt for dainty and delicate or roomy and practical, it’s time to dust off your bejeweled minaudière, clasp your clutch, and streamline your going-out essentials, because soirée season is upon us. With holiday parties and fundraising galas on the horizon, we’re providing inspiration for the perfect handbag to pair with your ensemble.


We checked in with a few local gals to see what their handbag essentials are for an evening out:

“My night out purse is never too small. My go-tos are a slim Gucci card case for cash and credit cards, TF lipstick, concealer and eyeliner, Lumify eye drops, Natura Bissē sheer eye travel packet, Kilian Straight to Heaven travel perfume, Ficcaré hair clip, mints, Neutrogena single towelette, Kerstin Florian Rehydrating Neroli water, Everyone hand sanitizer, a blue extra-fine Sharpie, a black slip mask, and a charm with Saint Christopher.” – Polly Dunn


“Inside my evening bag, you’ll find a credit card, backup cash, ID, phone, portable charger, a hair tie, lipgloss, band-aids, a face mask (newer addition for COVID times), hand sanitizer, chapstick, eyelash glue, bronzer/blush, a Tide-to-go pen, and dry shampoo.” – Madeline Shirley Skrobarczyk


“I am a true minimalist when going out for the evening—and only need my phone, ID, credit card, a little cash just in case, and a lipstick.”  – Kayla McMains


Purses provided by: Ocean Drive Resale +  Renaissance Antiques + 20/20 Vintage

Mother of pearl & abalone card case: Renaissance Antiques