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Waterfront Home Provides Blissful Living on the Beach

With a stunning three-story frame and exquisite views of the Port Aransas beach, this stunning home is a masterpiece in design

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Jason Page

The beachfront views in Port Aransas are spectacular year-round, and Marilyn and J.B. Goodwin get to enjoy them directly from their three-story home in Cinnamon Shore. “I’ve been coming to Port A since I was 5 years old,” says Marilyn, “and my dream has always been to have a home here.” Although her original home is in Austin, some of her favorite memories have been made in Port Aransas – spending time at the beach, walking everywhere, and riding her bicycle around town are just a few, so when she thinks of taking a vacation, Port Aransas is her go-to destination. 

At Cinnamon Shore, there is something for everyone, but Marilyn was initially reluctant to purchase property there because she preferred something that was closer to town. However, after J.B. surprised her by renting a home on Cinnamon Shore North, she immediately fell in love with the exotic island feel of the beachfront location, the views, and the community. They ended up leasing a home from an existing owner for three years, and would visit in three 5-night increments, 5 times a year. Over time, Marilyn’s love for the comfortable style of coastal living grew, and she saw it as somewhere that she and J.B. could purchase a second home – so when construction on Cinnamon Shore South began, J.B. decided to build a home there. Marilyn wasn’t fond of living in a construction area, but J.B. wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass by, so he arranged for a bucket truck to show her the views from the three stories the house would have, and she was on board!  

Now it was time for the fun part. Marilyn was excited to begin decorating her new home, and taking inspiration from the recent renovations to her Austin home, she used the same blue and green palette, but added more oceanfront-inspired touches to match the beachy vibe of the area. She hired designer Susan Castor to help her put her vision together, and once Susan presented her with selections to choose from, Marilyn was ready to put everything together. Don’t be fooled by the color scheme, though. Even though it has a definite appeal, Marilyn wasn’t striving for an everyday beach house. She wanted something fun and funky to enliven the light and airy space of the white walls and sea blues and greens.  

She chose colorful wallpaper in whimsical designs to transform an average styled bathroom into a fun place to freshen up. The wallpaper keeps to the oceanic vibe, but displays a variety of designs depicting the beauty of underwater life. The vibrant repeating patterns of the fish, turtles, and underwater plants are displayed in pretty blue and green shades that reflect colors from the sea, and a unique design bearing large jellyfish in a moving pattern pops off a bright coral color. The personality from each wallpaper design creates a bright, fun statement space.  

Oyster shell light fixtures and sea-inspired art and throw pillows, along with the furniture made from natural materials, complete the beachfront home of Marilyn’s dreams. 

Thanks to the gorgeous views from all three floors – the dunes from the first floor, the relaxing water from the second, and the entire beach from the master bedroom on the third – Marilyn’s home is an aesthetic masterpiece. In fact, Marilyn notes that the dreamy view makes her second-floor patio, complete with a table and Adirondack chairs to relax, a favorite among her guests to gather for great conversations and watching the ocean. 

Aside from the great sense of community in Port Aransas, Marilyn notes that some of her inspiration to build this home comes from a conversation she had with her mother. “I thought about something my mother used to say,” she recalls, “we’d go to the nursery to buy plants and I would get the biggest geranium and she would get a small one. When I asked her why, she said it was because she liked to watch it grow.” Marilyn decided this would be her mantra for this home: She loves looking out the window every day and watching the community grow. 

Although they’re just in their first year of living in this home, Marilyn and J.B. are having a blast sharing this fun environment with family and friends, and look forward to more great things to come!