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Vanity, Thy Name is Excellence

For as long as humanity has existed, people have been coming up with ways to make themselves pretty.

By: Terrie Moore   Photos by: Rachel Benavides

For as long as humanity has existed, people have been coming up with ways to make themselves prettier than they are. In the late 17th century, Madame de Pompadour commissioned the first elaborate vanity to store her prized perfume and makeup bottles, and also give herself a place to work and receive guests during her insanely long makeup routine. Today’s vanity is less about changing who we are, and more about celebrating who we are. An old door set on a pair of nickel sawhorses and generous mirror hung on the wall are the perfect starting point. Pick an area close to a window, so natural light will guide your choices. A pair of table lamps make getting ready at night easy and glamorous. Forget the stool; a comfortable chair is a must.  Make this space your sanctuary by lighting your favorite candle, displaying pictures of your loved ones, and using silver cups to corral all those makeup brushes. Finally, add your favorite baby picture of yourself – as a reminder that you were, in fact, born beautiful. 

Hey There, Beautiful

•   Lighting is key when it comes to your vanity space. Get set-up near a good window to allow for natural light.

•   Keep your products clean! Wipe down your most-used products from time-to-time to keep them shinning with the rest of your set-up.

•   Buy a table with built in drawers or shelves for extra organization and to make those early-morning routines a little easier.

•   For the makeup maximalist, Ikea offers desk components with lots of storage options.

•   Include a crown — a reminder that you are truly a queen. 

Get the Look:

Nickel Sawhorses, Chair – Restoration Hardware

Belgian Door  – Wildflowers

Lassi Cups  – 20/20 Vintage

Makeup & Brushes  – Bloom Beauty

Candle  – Sydney Hale Company

Carved Mirror, Lamps  – Tuesday Morning