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Unconventional Christmas Time Color Combos

For the Festive of Hearts

By Julieta Hernandez

Don’t get us wrong — red and green will always have a place in all of our hearts when it comes to Christmastime hues, they just get a little traditional sometimes.

When it comes to home decor and our Christmas tree centerpiece, there are ways to spruce up the season with unconventional colors that somehow still seem to scream Christmastime. When decor shopping at our favorite spots in town for the holidays, here are some color combo ideas to scan for.

Orange, Yellow, and Forest Green as a citrus Christmas theme makes the whole room look fresh squeezed. Really, though, the organic color scheme is an unexpected charmer; holly and oranges pair well together on a 

Photo courtesy of Elise Moore

 centerpiece or wreath. Browse Tuesday Morning on Staples with these hues in mind for a juicy decoration twist.

Metallic Purple and Gold gleam like royalty when they are abundant in decorating. These two seem to naturally complement each other when together and give a fresh, funky feel for the season. Pop into Gatherings Gift Shop on Alameda to graze their most royal decorating selections.

Frost White and Blood Red bring a serious poise to your holiday ensemble, if you’re down for that. The vampiric combination is both jolly and chilling as the two polar colors contrast. This theme is striking and an eye-catcher for guests. 13 and Market on Staples, thankfully, will carry both of these classic colors.

Parchment, Sage Green, and Brown are a rustic trio for a homier palette. These three open the door to the possibilities of incorporating wood decor into your decorating and offer a natural tinge. A natural Christmas tree fits right in with this one. Follow Hanley Wood on Doddridge for a selection of decor and gifts that could follow this color scheme.

All White decorations are for the daring and fearless. Pulling off this ultra-posh, clean-cut yet thoroughly festive winter theme is well worth it for the air of frost bitten elegance. This route can be easily swayed with the help of an accent color, or left as a stand-alone statement. Although whites are hard to find, Wildflowers market on SPID is open for scouting.

Have a merry pairing!