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Toys for Tots, and a Concert

First big “Toys for Tots” Promotion means gifts from Santa, and for givers, Santana

By: Julieta Hernandez

The first major toy drive event of the year for the beloved U.S. Marines Corps’ program Toys for Tots is this Thursday, brought to you by Classic Rock 104.5 and All Star Mitsubishi starting tonight at 7:00 PM! Yes, that means we’re officially in the holiday season.

Brewster Street Ice House is set to come alive tonight with holiday spirit. With the admission of a new, unwrapped toy to donate, you can join in on the event and the gift of giving someone else a little bit of Christmas.

As per tradition, the Marine Corps will be on hand to accept and collect toy donations for the drive. The Marine Toys for Tots program is one of the largest gift-giving campaigns of the year nationwide, and with only forty days left until Christmas, we’d better help fill their Santa sacks. Toys have been delivered through this program since 1947 and has distributed over 548 MILLION toys in the past. That’s a lot of Santa sacks.

This event is more than just a drive: your toy admission grants you into a concert featuring one of the top tribute bands in the country. ABRAXXXAS, a Tribute to the Music of Santana. Along with ‘el sabor de Santana’, the flavor of Santana, the Brewster Ice House stage will host opening guest Reno Perez.

Toys are the best part of Christmas for some tots, and along with head-bumping to ABRAXXXAS, the drive and Marine Corp volunteers host promotions to make the drive beneficial for everyone. Hint: if you don’t know what to give, an easy way to start is just wondering what you would’ve wanted for Christmas as a kid.