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Totes of the Town

The trendiest way to support local brands

By: Kylie Cooper  Photo by: Aaron Garcia

Canvas tote bags are being slung over the shoulders of chicbrlocals day-in-and-day-out. Where this trend specifically started or what it isbrabout the tote specifically that makes us all feel a little more put together,brwe aren’t too sure. Is it the fact that this spacious companion helps you havebreverything you could possibly need, when you need it? Or maybe it’s the minimalbrdesign aesthetics or modern type treatments that have us all swooning? Whateverbrthe reason, there is no denying totes are the new handbag (perhaps they havebrbeen for a while now). Local labels and businesses alike are stamping theirbridentity on totes left and right tobrcommunicate their brand to the masses in a more nuanced way. It has allowed usbrto all show our love for local in a practical, yet fashionable, manner and for that,brwe are thankful.

Items Pictured

-Naturally-dyed mesh tote, Moonlight Woven
-“Corpus Doesn’t Suck, You Do” Canvas Tote, Elevated Screenprinting
-“Locos Only” Canvas Tote, El Dusty Merchandise