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Top Shelf Iced Tea

With an easygoing atmosphere and plenty of drinks to choose from, D’Lounge should be on your summer drink list.

Words By: Dayna Worchel  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Slipping inside the cool, calm, and darkened D’Lounge Sushi Bar on a hot summer day is a refreshing escape from the chaotic outside world.

“It’s laid-back and a place to get away. Life is so hectic outside,” says Lyly Nguyen Le, who has owned D’Lounge and the restaurant to which it is attached, the Hu Dat Noodle House, for 12 years.

One-of-a-kind mixed drinks, created by Lyly Nguyen Le and her bartending staff, await visitors. Delicious Asian Tapas, such as homemade egg rolls and sauces, also entice customers. For sushi lovers, the Maui Eel roll, consisting of tempura fried eel, mango, cream cheese, and blackened sauce toppings, is another tasty treat.  According to Le, most of her dishes, served both in the restaurant and the bar, are made from scratch each day.

But it’s the D’Lounge version of the Long Island Iced Tea, called the Corpus Christi Iced Tea, which impresses people most. Served in a tall glass with a wedge of lime, its top shelf ingredients set it apart from similar drinks.

“We want Corpus Christi to have the best, and we have offered that for the past 12 years,” she says. 

Another drink, the Ling Ling, contains three Malibu Rums: pineapple, coconut and cranberry. A splash of pineapple and cranberry juices combined with the rum blend results in a light, fruity cocktail that packs a powerful punch.

The businesses are located in the Saratoga Town Center at the intersection of Staples Street and Saratoga Boulevard. There are additional locations in Calallen and Portland. The first location was opened in Rockport in 1993, but was closed because of Hurricane Harvey damage. Le expects to re-open in six months to a year.

TIPS: Ingredients in the Corpus Christi Iced Tea are: Bacardi Rum, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Espolón Blanco Tequila, Dripping Springs Vodka, Jack Daniels Whiskey, Cointreau, sweet and sour mix, and a splash of cola.

6418 S. Staples St., Corpus Christi, TX 78413
(361) 986-8783