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Tips for Maximizing Holiday Decor

Going big in small spaces, here are some tips for maximizing your holiday decor at home.

Photography by Monica Benavidez

The holiday season … don’t you just love decking the halls and making your spaces extra festive and glamorous? But if you have trouble figuring out how to decorate a small space for the holidays, you’re not alone. You have to balance form and function, especially in a space that will host family and friends, such as a dining room.

My dining room, or truly more like my dining space, is about 10’x10’ square, but I love finding creative, unique ways to decorate it for the holidays. My approach is always to make the set-up practical for entertaining, and also a beautiful backdrop for enjoying the season. Here’s some tips that will help you decorate any smaller space in your home.

Deck the Halls

Go big with the garland: If you can’t squeeze in a slim Christmas tree due to floor space, opt for using a beautiful garland. With many options out there such as flocking or glitter, it’s easy to customize by adding lights, floral picks and ribbon. I recommend laying it askew for extra drama.

Ornaments galore: Now is the time to take out those beautiful decorative vases or bowls and fill them up with ornaments as a way to incorporate colors and different textures. I like to layer in at least one metallic color for extra sparkle.

Decorate your chairs: Adding a jeweled wreath to the back of chairs adds a personal touch to the area without taking up any floor space. These wreaths are easy and quick to make and you can use them year after year as part of your decor. 

Pick ONE focal area: In my space, the mantel is the focal point of the dining room, which is why it has the most decor. By keeping the rest of the space minimally decorated, the focal area gets to be the star and makes an impact, while not overwhelming the room as a whole.

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