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Creating a Backyard Oasis

Stock tank pools are taking over this season as a refreshing new way to cool off in your backyard, so here's tips on creating your own Coastal Bend backyard oasis

Photography by Rachel Benavides

Stock tank pools are taking over this season as a refreshing new way to cool off in your backyard. Commonly known as cowboy or trough pools, these industrial galvanized metal pools are showing up in yards from Texas to Arizona to California. 

An average stock tank pool is approximately 2 feet deep and about 6 to 10 feet around, and requires very little maintenance. You can make this a do-it-yourself project or enlist experts to help you bring this Pinterest trend to life.

While the stock tank itself might have a more industrial and rustic look, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this trend into your backyard, no matter your preferred style. With the right tools, equipment and a bit of creativity, you can relax and refresh in a trendy, outdoor oasis without ever having to leave your own property.

Thriving, Not Diving

Make sure the location you choose for the stock tank is completely flat and leveled, to avoid denting the tank once filled with water.

Cover the space surrounding the pool in pea gravel or another type of small rock to help in maintaining a weed-free area.

While it takes a while for Coastal Bend temperatures to drop, the stock tank pool can be used well after the heat of summer by adding a heating function for year-round enjoyment.

Make the space your own! Whether you build a deck around the pool, tile a patio or anything in between, there are countless ways to design a stock tank pool area. Add comfortable seating options, side tables and lush greenery to bring even more personality to the space.


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