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Tips and Tricks for a Serene Nursery

By: Terrie Moore  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Why do such tiny beings require so much stuff? Honestly, they don’t. The U.S. baby products industry sold over $1.7 billion dollars of merchandise in 2021. That’s a lot of businesses convincing a lot of people that they need a lot of stuff. 

 My advice is to keep it simple and leave space in the baby’s room for growth and change. A firm crib mattress without surrounding bumpers is the recommended sleeping surface for newborns. A soft chair with arms will make feedings comfortable. 

 A changing station is a must, but opting for a daybed or small sofa to get the job done makes converting your nursery into a toddler’s room even easier. Last but not least, don’t forget a large soft rug that invites everyone onto the ground to experience those first attempts at crawling. 

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  • Don’t pick a theme; instead, strive for an emotion. Soft colors keep it serene and restful. Dark grays ground the space and provide a strong feeling.


  • Paper flowers, some made from Bible pages, are a beautiful reminder of the blessings of nature.


  • Inspiring wonder and awe of our earth’s little creatures can be done through fun animal additions. A furry lamb tuffet, wicker unicorn toy basket and a papier-mâché stag mount introduce this concept here. 


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