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Through Their Lens: Laro Pilartes

In this ongoing digital series, we ask a local photographer to show us the city through their own perspective

Words and Photos by: Laro Pilartes (@laropilartes)

Hello world. “Prince” Laro Pilartes here and I’m currently a graduate student at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. I’m a self-taught photographer and have explored this art for over 10 years. For me, photography is a way of capturing moments that will live for much longer than our memory can remember. I consider myself an unorthodox photographer in the sense that my work includes a huge variety of genres, ranging from portrait and fashion to travel and landscape photography.

It’s a blessing to be a photographer in Corpus because of its beautiful weather year-round, friendly people, cultural diversity, and the variety of settings that it offers for photographers to capture. I enjoy the fact that I can go from shooting buildings downtown, to skateboard fanatics in Cole Park, to beach portraits all pretty much on the same spot. As a photographer that values moments and experiences, a city this diverse certainly allows for much richer memories to be captured.