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Through Their Lens: Brynn Osborn on Creativity in Isolation

A special edition of "Through Their Lens" from photographer Brynn Osborn

Photos by: Brynn Osborn – shot on 35mm film 

In our June 2020 issue, The Artist Issue, you’ll find a common theme of creativity in isolation and how the concept of or approach to creativity has changed in the midst of social distancing and a COVID-19 world. In celebration of our upcoming issue, we reached out to Brynn Osborn for a special edition of our online photo series, Through Their Lens, to show how they’ve been exercising their creative mind throughout the last two or so months. 

Osborn, who moved to Austin in late 2018, spent a few weeks back in Corpus Christi between March and April to ride out isolation with their family. The photographer, of course, took their lens outside and did the one thing they knew would bring them peace of mind. Below are their thoughts on how they’ve been coping and staying creative in isolation.

Being Creative in Quarantine – 

I remember when this first started and I, like many, thought about the endless creative opportunity that comes with “free time” or even forced time spent at home. I got out my art supplies, cameras, and hard-drives and got to work on slept-on ideas and old projects. That kept me busy initially and I felt good about what I was creating. Occasionally, I wondered if I was doing “enough” or utilizing this unique time to my advantage. 

I’ve seen people on either end of the productivity spectrum and I’ve found a place for myself somewhere in the middle. I keep reminding myself that I’m allowed to ebb and flow between varying degrees of creativeness and time to let my mind rest (especially during a literal pandemic).

The severity of this situation and the reality of being shut indoors has certainly felt limiting, and my favorite part of my day is typically when I can go for a walk outside. I’ve gotten into a routine of bringing a film camera on my walks and I love how much it encourages me to observe the tiny details of my surroundings. Stretching my legs and enjoying the small moments of freedom outside have helped.

I highly recommend a sunset stroll along the marina, or even a street you haven’t walked down before. Photo walks have been quite euphoric for me and lately, it’s been my main creative outlet along with creating videos and trying new dishes/cocktails. I encourage you to find simple pleasures in what makes you feel creative. Remember that time spent on hobbies and time spent doing “nothing” can both be guilt-free.

-Brynn Osborn