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Through Their Lens: Aaron Rodriguez

Living in the Coastal Bend all his life hasn't stopped Aaron Rodriguez from continuously finding new inspiration in the city he loves

Words and Photos by: Aaron Rodriguez

My name is Aaron Rodriguez. I’m a local photographer whose love and history for the art stretches back to my childhood. I’ve always had some sort of camera around growing up – whether its the camera in my phone, a digital camera or anything in between. My passion for it is deeply rooted in simply documenting my ever changing environment and both its subtle and complex qualities.

I tend to focus on cityscape and landscape shots but never allow that to define what I do with my camera which slowly but surely changes and evolves. I’ve spent the majority of my life in Corpus Christi, which over time, has proven to be filled with more than enough inspiration to continue to capture and chase the familiar feeling I get when I snap that perfect frame of a local spot we all know. Whether it be a Shoreline view or architecture that continues to lend itself and please the eye. Where some might see limits in this beautiful city, I see the ever changing effects time has on it and will continue to do my part in providing a small glimpse of how I see it.