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Thrifting for Gifting

A gently-used twist on traditional holiday gift shopping

By Julieta Hernandez   Photos by Rachel Benavides

Yeah, nobody expects Christmas to come as fast as it does. Not even your budget book.

Not just for those on a tight budget, thrift gifting for any occasion is a surefire way to get someone a unique, one-of-a-kind gift – all while being kind to the planet, your wallet, and your time management. Items that are true vintage, no longer made, and fully diverse are as thoughtful a gift as the thought you put into it. There are no limits here! But, here are some ideas to get you started. 

A Vintage Baking Set

Vintage baking sets are a sweet surprise for the kitchen-lover in your life. If you can find an already-made set, snag it! But depending on the recipient, you can always curate a set of your own with different items you find on the shelves. Try to find the cool antiques: ceramics, silver cake servers, unique cookie cutters, or silver serving platters. The shelves of Goodwill are usually organized with different types of bakeware, which will give you a variety. You can also check out local vintage shop, Shell & Pine, online or at Red Crow Antique Mall.

Vases or baskets

A great opportunity to fill with more surprises, a tasteful tall vase or a homey basket can stand out. There’s a more classic feel to second-hand baskets, and definitely a lot of renovation paths; adding something as simple as a ribbon of choice can add a load of charm. What you decide to tuck inside will make it special. Family Thrift has got a basketload of these, as well as some obscurities to fill them with. Check out General Goods Vintage on Instagram as well for wicker baskets and fun vases. 


Cashmere Sweaters / Knitted Items

Even if it doesn’t get as chilly as we want, we can always just pretend it will. But really: who doesn’t love a sweater & scarf set during the winter months? Usually, second hand clothing shops carry an array of knit fashions that don’t cost a fortune. Upcycling a fluffy sweater for a friend could mean the world to them. 

 Check into Threads on Everheart for some cozy options.

Novels, records, CD’s

Giving the gift of a good book or a good album a friend may recognize (or be new to!) can be done with plenty of thought. Usually, second-hand stores have a wide selection of new or gently used hard-covers; you can buy one (or a collection!) for the book or music lover in your life. Hybrid Records and Renaissance Antiques both have a huge selection of gently used media.

Outfit/Style Sets

The best part about clothes shopping in the thrift world is finding a variety of pieces you’d never even dreamed up before — which opens a door to combinations that have never before been attempted (which makes them all the more groundbreaking). For the daring wearer in your life, an outfit set (folded in a tote or purse) could be a cheap but golden find. Olive Blue resale on Ayers has all the underground fashions that can be mixed and matched for your gift.