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The Unique Professional Employer Organization

Enabling organizations to scale successfully and offer big benefits

Published in TB Business Magazine by Madelyn Galindo photo by Dustin Ashcraft

UnigueHR is in the business of helping businesses. In br1992, an opportunity knocked on Garry Bradford’s door: A brbroker representing a staffing company asked Bradford if he brwas interested in a staff leasing business, now known as a brprofessional employer organization (PEO). The rest, as they brsay, was

UniqueHR grew to be national. It has thousands of brclients and several offices throughout the U.S., with its brfootprint stretching from California to Florida to Wisconsin br–and in more than 10 states in between. It went on to be brrecognized for being in the top 12% nationwide in the PEO brindustry for accreditation. No matter how much it grew, brUniqueHR is still locally headquartered in Corpus Christi.

UniqueHR works with companies in an array of brindustries. Its clients also range in size, from organizations brwith a few employees to those with hundreds. UniqueHR brprovides them with essential services such as payroll, employee benefits, human resources, workers’ compensation, brrisk management and more.

“What we can offer includes benefits of all kinds, from brhealth care plans to dental, vision, 401k, short-term and long-term disability,” listed Garry Bradford, who is UniqueHR’s brCEO.

Considering the high costs that providing benefits can brotherwise mean for a business, a PEO can be a valuable brresource. “It essentially provides small to mid-sized businesses brwith access to benefits usually reserved for Fortune 500 sized brcompanies,” said Chris Bradford, Senior Vice President.

Chris Bradford explained that in addition to affordability, brthere is an invaluable advantage to having PEO services: brIt frees up the attention of business owners, which can broften become consumed by these important tasks. Having brsupport for this area of business allows them to focus on brtheir work and scale safely and efficiently. And the results, as brthe Bradfords explain, are strong. PEO clients commonly see brincreased growth rates, lower employee turnover and higher bremployee satisfaction.

“Within 30 days, 60 days or 90 days after they’ve come braboard with us, it’s a completely different company,” said brGarry Bradford. “Whatever they need, we’re here. We’re their brback office so they can concentrate on what they do.”

This support became invaluable in new ways during brthe COVID-19 pandemic. UniqueHR was instrumental in brensuring that clients applied for PPP loans. During the brpandemic, Bradford’s team assisted 240 clients. “Not only were brwe able to help our clients keep their doors open throughout brthe pandemic, but we also saw many of them grow, add staff brand pursue other ventures.” Chris Bradford

Although their help was priceless, for the team at brUniqueHR, it was just another way to live out their mission. br”We’re real people helping real people,” said Theresa Carlberg, brUniqueHR Marketing Manager. “The Bradfords treat everyone brlike family. That carries over to the clients.”

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