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The Quad Fitness Studio Personalizes Fitness Regimes

This new local gym's clientele are pleased with their results

Words: Dayna Worchel  Photos: Rachel Benavides

People come to The Quad Fitness Studio with different goals in mind. Whether it’s to get toned after an enormous weight loss, to get the energy to keep up with young children, or to live longer, the end result is the same. Clients say they are more fit in body, mind, and sprit as a result of engaging in a personalized training program.

Ashley Ruth, the mother of four young boys ranging in age from two to ten years, says she comes into the studio for classes at 5 a.m. each day. She’s been at it for about eight months now.

“I get here, and I get it done. It’s really changed my energy level, and my family has gotten interested. My husband has started doing personal training and has lost 60 pounds,” Ruth says.

 The classes consist mainly of circuit training and push-ups. Ruth heard about the studio because she grew up with one of their trainers. She has some advice for those who hesitate to try a similar program. “Starting anything new is scary. I was soft with being a mom of four, and I wanted to get in shape. I keep coming back because it’s like a family,” she says.

There is a large blackboard on one wall of the studio that lists the first names of all the clients. Small lines are drawn beside each name to indicate when each person has come to work out. Ruth calls it a friendly competition among the clients. “It makes everyone want to get in and try it out. It’s worth it,” she says.

“That family feel is what it’s all about,” said Seth Wieland, the owner Quad Fitness. He wants everyone to know that all fitness levels are welcome.

“I’ve always wanted to help people,” said Wieland, who has a biomedical science degree, and intended to pursue pharmaceutical sales.

But that career option didn’t appeal to him in the end. Wieland had worked as a personal trainer, and a client suggested he start his own business. The studio now has 150 members, along with trainers who work for Wieland.     

“We take people through a free first introductory session, and then they can go to classes,” he says.

Marcus Lozano, a small business owner in Corpus Christi, has been coming to the studio since December to continue his dramatic weight loss journey, which began in 2012. He started out weighing 315 pounds and ended up losing about 100 pounds after eating a high-protein low-carbohydrate diet before coming to the studio. Since December, he has lost another 20 pounds after working on an exercise regimen at The Quad.

“I’m 32 years-old and in the best shape of my whole life. I come here five days a week. When you believe in something, you aren’t afraid to share it,” Lozano said. 

Ana Olivera-Hamm, who just joined the gym two months ago, says what she liked most was that the personal trainers worked with her to see where she needed to start in her fitness journey. “They do a pre-assessment here to see what you are capable of,” the 64 year-old states.  

For Olivera-Hamm, coming to work out at the studio is her priority, and she sees the results. “My stamina is higher and my mood is better,” she says. “They accommodate for me, and there is never any shaming. I am empowered to do my best.”

Regardless of the reasoning behind getting each client into the gym in the first place, the results are pretty much the same. The personal stories of these three clients highly suggest that The Quad Fitness Studio excels at meeting individual needs.