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The Heart of Health

The Nueces County Medical Society has a new president and he is more than ready for the role.

By: Alexis Mays  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

For Dr. Justin Hensley, the new year started in December 2017. That’s when he became the 2018 President of the Nueces County Medical Society—a position that continues through this December. The Nueces County Medical Society has been committed to the Coastal Bend for more than 114 years. Established in 1904, a big part of their seven-part purpose is to serve the

medical needs of our community.

Just one way they do this is through the Nueces County Medical Society Health Fair.  Each year, the NCMS president, staff, and members bring their mission to life through programs and events. Dr. Hensley is stepping into his new role at a pivotal time because the Health Fair may be annual, but the vision of it is brand new. “We want the Health Fair to be geared towards promoting overall healthiness,” says Dr. Hensley. “We want to promote a healthy lifestyle and preventative care.”

That’s why vendors will range from physician’s offices to gyms to experts on healthy cooking. “We have to think big picture with health,” Dr. Hensley explains. “When we can prevent disease instead of just managing it, you will live a longer, healthier, and happier life.”

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Health Fair on August 11, 2018. It is the perfect time to bring the whole family—especially children, to help get them ready for back-to-school time. In the meantime, you can join in on another way the NCMS is living out their mission. It’s called “Walk with a Doc” and it is exactly as it sounds. Coastal Bend residents can lace up for a 1-mile walk around the hike and bike trail at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi on the first Saturday of every month. This initiative, which is popular nationwide, is now being facilitated by our medical society office and physicians. 

“This is an environment where you can connect with your docs,” says Dr. Hensley. “It’s a group of doctors and patients who come together to enjoy the sunshine and talk about health.” 

Also happening this year, Dr. Hensley will work on the youth bicycle hat program, Hard Hats for Little Heads, and an immunization awareness initiative called ‘Be Wise, Immunize.’

When he isn’t helping plan city-wide health fairs or public events, Dr. Hensley looks forward to also using his year as President to continue engaging with the community and members of the medical society. Dr. Hensley, who has started this year with a running start, is no doubt helping blaze a trail that is helping to create a healthy year, and many more to come. 

Stay connected with the Nueces County Medical Society online, over-the-phone, or
in person: | (361) 884-5442 | 1000 Morgan Ave., Corpus Christi