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The Chamberlain and Its Beacon

How Derrick Frazier and his team are revamping the historic building

By: Luis Arjona  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Corpus Christi has a history – parts of which are tantalizingly unexplored. While the uptown and downtown areas are open for business for the next generation of development, businesses, and renewed infrastructure, that new growth is often part of a storied legacy. Overlooking Downtown Corpus Christi stands what is now called The Chamberlain. Once a lighthouse in 1857 and the old H-E-B headquarters until 1971, The Chamberlain brings renewed life to a building with rich history and local significance.

Now with a new purpose under the helm of Derrick Frazier of Frazier Companies, The Chamberlain aims to provide phenomenal office spaces downtown. With a few floors ready for tenants to implement their desires to meet demands, build-out spaces are prepared to inspire and offer quality workspaces. Acting as a catalyst for “Class A” mixed-use properties, The Chamberlain will bring positive momentum to the Coastal Bend. 


The team at Dykema Architects rehabilitated the historic building, keeping the exterior true to the Art Deco style popular during the early 1900s. The past subliminally lives throughout the building as notes of its historical structure are integrated with tasteful design. Frazier praised the efforts of the local architecture firm as visitors were enamored during the initial walkthrough of the office spaces.

From exquisite furniture to thoughtful amenities and refreshing areas bolstered by meticulous spatial organization, The Chamberlain is elevating the standard in Corpus Christi. Frazier Companies will establish its home base on the top floor, underscoring its commitment to Corpus Christi and the uptown district, and three floors are currently available for tenants. 

The magnum opus of The Chamberlain is definitely The Beacon, a rooftop terrace with spectacular views of the bay and Downtown Corpus Christi. To maximize the use of such a perfect backdrop for business or celebratory events, The Beacon will serve as an event space available by reservation to tenants and their guests. Named for the original 1857 Corpus Christi Lighthouse that stood in this very spot, once again The Beacon will shine on the shore for a new generation.

When Derrick Frazier talks about the importance of this endeavor and what he hopes to bring to the Coastal Bend, his words reaffirm belief in our coastal city’s potential – especially with residents willing to invest their time and passion into such projects. Frazier mentions the opportunity in Corpus Christi and how the spaces in The Chamberlain are unrivaled in the area. “We are leading the charge to show what people deserve in Corpus Christi,” says Frazier.


The Chamberlain will be an exciting project to watch unfold, from its design and locale to the wave of growth it can hopefully bring by being the first centerpiece as Downtown Corpus Christi continues to evolve and develop. Efforts like those from Frazier Companies help provide iron into a once anemic part of town. The Chamberlain will maintain the legacy of the once-forgotten lighthouse as the building continues to be a significant landmark overlooking the bay.


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