The Art of Aperitivo with Italian Cowboy Food & Provisions

Italian Cowboy Embraces the Art of Aperitivo

Discover the evolution of Rockport's Italian Cowboy Food & Provisions with the addition of its spirits boutique.

photo of the spirits selection at Italian Cowboy Food & Provisions

Photo by Benjamin Zaragosa

In the laid-back coastal haven of Rockport, there’s a duo shaking things up in the Coastal Bend. Deidra Ciriello and Lowell Rothschild are expanding the horizons of locals through selected libations with the addition of a spirits boutique at Italian Cowboy Food & Provisions. 

The inception of the Italian Cowboy Spirits Boutique was a natural evolution for Ciriello and Rothschild, the passionate duo behind the brand. Listening keenly to their customers’ desires and a commitment to innovation led them to venture beyond wines and into Italian spirits. As the sole Italian-only package store in Texas, their deep selection of spirits — including a staggering 18 different Italian Amaros — sets them apart not just in the Coastal Bend, but in the entire state of Texas. In its essence, the spirits boutique aims to encapsulate Italian cocktail culture.

photo of the spirits selection at Italian Cowboy Food & Provisions
Italian Cowboy Is open Thursday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. | Photo by Benjamin Zaragosa

“Just as the Italians consider spirits and wine an integral part of their meal, we consider spirits an integral part of the Italian lifestyle,” Rothschild said. “As a result, the boutique celebrates Italian spirits and the Italian art of aperitivo.”

However, make no mistake, the boutique isn’t just about alcohol. More than a package store, Italian Cowboy elevates the customer experience by offering ingredients for a complete Italian meal to accompany your chosen wine or spirits. Customers can curate a perfect pairing from antipasto to dessert with hundreds of imported gourmet foods, embodying the inseparable bond between Italian beverages and its cuisine. 

The spirits boutique is a love letter to the Italian art of aperitivo. It’s not just about the booze; it’s about the lifestyle, the afternoon spritz, the pre-dinner wine — all served with a side of food, just like the Italians intended.

Deidra Ciriello and Lowell Rothschild, owners of Italian Cowboy Food & Provisions pose with the store's selection of spirits.
Deidra Ciriello and Lowell Rothschild, owners of Italian Cowboy | Photo by Benjamin Zaragosa

Forget mainstream, the Italian Cowboy team is throwing it back to 1934 with Nick and Nora glasses, mixers, syrups, books and barware that scream sophistication. They’re not following trends; they’re setting them ablaze.

As winter blankets the Coastal Bend, the duo recommends an odyssey in a glass — the Alpine Negroni. Crafted with spirits from Piedmont and Lombardy, it’s not just a cocktail; it’s a liquid expedition through northwestern Italy.

Italian Cowboy Food & Provisions is a liquid voyage, a tapestry of tastes and a destination for decadence. Whether you’re a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or just beginning your journey into Italian spirits, the spirits boutique promises an immersive experience that goes beyond the bottle.

Contact:  |  2615 Highway 35 N | @italiancowboytx

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