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Summer Beauty Tips from Local Experts

Local beauty experts answer your burning questions for the season.

As summer temps continue to rise, we looked to local beauty experts to answer a few burning questions. From tips on achieving that perfect summer glow without looking greasy to keeping curls defined but not frizzy, let their insight guide your summer beauty routine.


Shaunna Rios

The Beauty Bar Salon & Spa

How do I keep my foundation from melting off of my face in the summer heat?

SR: Utilizing a primer that helps control oil is very helpful. Jane Iredale’s Smooth Affair for Oily Skin helps balance oil production and delivers antioxidant protection. Finish off with a setting spray to seal it all in.

Is it okay to wear makeup to the beach or the pool?

SR: If you feel that makeup is a must, go for it. Look for a clean makeup line and if it has SPF in it, even better! Jane Iredale has four different foundations that are perfect.

Recommended products for achieving the perfect summer glow without looking greasy?

SR: I love mixing a bit of luminescent moisturizer or highlighter into my foundation. MAC’s Strobe Cream is a great choice. Then apply cream bronzer and blush. Voila!


Leigh Ann Marroquin

Atelier Salon

I’m going straight from the beach to an event. What’s a no-fuss way to freshen up my hair?

LAM: Start with using a hair moisture cream and work mids to ends before the beach. We recommend Oribe Supershine Cream. Before your event, apply Oribes Gold Lust Oil on just the ends to instantly prime the hair for a sleek shine. Follow by spraying a dry shampoo starting from the scalp and then towards the ends. Let it sit to absorb unwanted oils, then finish it off with a texture spray for extra bounce and hold!

How can I make my curls stay defined, not frizzy, in hot, humid weather?

LAM: Curls love moisture! Prep your curls with styling butter and pair it with a curl gloss. Layer the products on top of one another to enhance shine and prevent dryness on the ends with ever-lasting moisture. Finish off by spraying anti-humidity spray to keep a hold on those curls and also prevent frizz.


Gabby Gonzales

Gabby the Aesthetician

How should our skincare routine generally change in the summertime?

GG: The key to keeping your skin bright and clear during the summer is by preventing damage from happening in the first place. Use an SPF 30 or higher with zinc, and don’t forget to reapply! My favorite is the Skinbetter tinted lotion sunscreen and the Skinbetter tinted compact. Also, use a vitamin C serum to fight free radicals that cause dark spots and achieve that “glow effect” we all want. I like the Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum by Skinbetter. I also recommend avoiding intensive treatments such as deep chemical peels and lasers during this time of year.

Top skincare products you recommend for the season?

GG: If I could only use one product on my skin (outside of an SPF), it would be the Skinbetter Alpharet cream. Everyone over 25 needs to be using a retinol. Skinbetter invented a new formula that has never been seen before! By combining retinol with lactic acid, it’s an entirely new molecule that’s much more gentle and less irritating. Also, lip care is just as important as the rest of the face, and the Gylmed Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm tops my list.

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