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Stay Calm and Sip On

Adaptogen's taking over, one health benefit at a time

By: Kylie Cooper  Photo by: Jarred Schuetze

Adaptogen add-ins were on just about every predicted health trend for the year 2019 – and for good reason. Bringing more balance to our bodies is never a bad thing! Traditional herbs, roots, and plant foods such as holy basil, ginseng, maca, rhodiola, mushrooms, and spirulina all fall into the category of adaptogen add-ins. The best part? You can add these to just about any beverage – whether it be your morning coffee, a smoothie, or simply a glass of water. 


This particular drink features Blue Majik Spirulina. You can order a Blue Green Adaptogenic latte from Eleanor’s (Owner, Jessica Gignac, recommends adding coconut milk and Spirit Dust). When asked about the benefits to such a drink, Gignac says, “Blue green algae is a potent free-radical scavenger for your body. It is a great source of dietary protein, B-vitamins, and iron.” Other add-ins include various products from the Moon Juice line. The Beauty Dust mostly has “beautifying skin adaptogens,” according to Gignac. Blends of Schisandra, Amla, Ashwagandha, Rehmannia, Goji, and Pearl help target stress and combat accelerated aging, protect you from free radicals, and help improve your skin clarity. 


Other local places to order adaptogen add-ins: Archer Soapworks & Apothecary offers the ability to create a personalized blend of adaptogen herbs. The Gin-Weasley from the Coffee Muggle. Bien Mérité’s menu features a handful of drinks that include ashwagandha and maca. So, whatever your add-in of choice, stay calm and sip on. Your body will thank you later. 

Drink: The Blue Majik Spirulina, Eleanor’s Coffee Bar + Market