Staff Selects: The Bend Team's Favorite Local Dish & Drink

Staff Selects: The Bend Team’s Favorite Local Dish & Drink

Ahi Tuna, cappuccinos, Tikki Masala and more. Here is what our staff is currently loving when it comes to the local food and drink world.

Adelphos Coffee Roasters in Corpus Christi.

Adelphos Coffee Roasters's cappuccino is one of our staff member's favorite drinks in town. | Photo by Deux Boheme

Suppose there is one thing The Bend’s team loves. In that case, it’s supporting local—whether we’re telling the stories of the people behind your favorite business or stopping in to a restaurant or bar to indulge in the Coastal Bend’s culinary world. Needless to say, our team is in and out of a fair share of locally owned spots. If you stopped one of us while out and about to ask what we’d recommend, here is what a few of our staff members might currently say.

Who: Jarred Schuetze, Art Director

Dish Recommendation: “My current favorite dish to order is the Ahi Tuna Crudo from Elizabeth’s at The Art Museum. The flavors of this fresh and light dish come together with such harmony, that it’s worthy of attention.” 


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Drink Recommendation:I’m no stranger to cocktails, so it’s hard to choose just one, but the cocktail I continuously go back to is the Monsoon from Dokyo Dauntaun. It’s a fabulous tequila-based drink and the addition of sangria perfectly balances this beautiful cocktail.”  

Who: Alexa Rodriguez, Managing Editor

Dish Recommendation: “The Thai Spice Iron Pot’s medley of vegetables, chicken and crispy rice makes it a must-order dish at lunch or dinner. Like most Thai dishes, the sweet, spicy and tangy flavors of the sauce harmonize perfectly and there’s a nice kick from the chili. Pro tip: when you order this at lunchtime, it’s served with a delightful cup of spicy broth and crispy wonton strips to enjoy as an appetizer.”

Adelphos Coffee Roasters in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Photo by Deux Boheme

Drink Recommendation: “Saturday morning cappuccinos are a ritual in my life and Adelphos’s is one of the best. It’s a true, no-fuss cappuccino made with quality espresso. As a delightful accompaniment, the beverage is served with a small serving of house-made dark chocolate.

Who: Kylie Cooper, Editor-In-Chief

Dish Recommendation: “If you scrolled through my past orders on the Favor app, you’ll see that I might have a slightly unhealthy obsession with Z-Counter. I’m cheating with this answer a bit, but my favorite way to order is by getting a couple of my favorite sides. The chicken miso macaroni never disappoints, and the green onion pancake wrap is a dish I constantly crave. Adding in an order of Counter Donuts completes this perfect meal.”

Drink Recommendation: “I love Boba tea, and Hanaya Poke has a great selection of flavors. You can’t go wrong with any of them. While I rotate between flavors, my current favorite is the Matcha Matcha, which includes sea salt milk foam, matcha milk green tea, and tapioca pearls.”

Who: Chris Knapick, Publisher

Dish Recommendation: “My go-to favorite dish in the Coastal Bend is the Chicken Tikki Masala from Pavani Express. I love Indian food because it is so rich in flavor and the heat is the kind that you feel and taste but it doesn’t ruin your meal. Couple it with the Garlic Naan and you have, to me, a perfect dish that you only wish you had more of.”

Who: Kent Cooper, Account Executive

Drink & Dish Recommendation: “You can never go wrong with an order of fish and chips from Snoopy’s. Of course, you’ll want to pair it with a Shiner.” (A man of few words, that Kent Cooper. But, he knows what he likes!)