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Spring into a Clear Complexion

Skincare Butik talks must-know tips and the importance of a consistent yet adaptable skincare regimen.


By: Catharina Pehrson, Skincare Butik Owner & Aesthetician

Skin health is critical to overall health, taking care of your skin at all stages of your life makes an enormous difference for both men and women. Yet, most of us don’t make the extra time, effort or choice to invest in a customized skincare regimen.

The absolute most critical 3 basic steps that pay off the biggest for all ages and skin types:

  • Wash your face daily.

  • Wear sunblock regularly.

  • Do not smoke!

Add to that a clean diet and regular exercise, it will make a huge difference in the way you feel and look.  

If you are willing to give some extra love to the most important person in your life, YOU, now is a good time to start; think of spring cleaning. Tidying up your skincare routine should be a top priority every season, tiny tweaks will make a huge difference to maintain a healthy complexion year around.

Check expiration dates.

Sunscreens, skincare products and makeup do expire, and if you keep using it you risk break-outs and bacterial infections. If anything is expired, throw it out!

Toss mascara after 3 months, liquid liner and concealer after six months, lipstick, lip gloss, and foundation after one year. If you’re in doubt, bring it by. We are here to help!

Switch out your SPF if needed.

Spring is a great excuse to upgrade your sunscreen. If your sunscreen is below SPF 30, makes your skin too greasy, makes you break out, has a weird smell, or just doesn’t excite you, swap it for one that makes you happy. After all, you’ll be wearing it every single day!

Update your daily moisturizer.

Most of us don’t have the same skin care needs year-round. Your winter moisturizer is probably too rich for summer, so it’s a good idea to switch to one that’s lighter and contains SPF 30.

Vitamin C

Springtime can cause irritation and sensitivity in the skin due to a spike in allergens. Add vitamin C serum to your regimen to boost your skin’s defenses against allergens. Our skin doesn’t receive enough vitamin C from our diet, so topical application of  C serums can make a huge difference in our skin’s protection process, tone and texture.

Gua Sha Facial

Awaken your complexion and try a new facial treatment!

Eastern medicine-based skin care has been gaining traction and acceptance as an all-natural approach with thousands of years of practice behind it (i.e. it really works).

Facial gua sha involves scraping and pulling a flat white jade stone along the skin to relieve pain and stiffness and flush out tissues. It is interpreted for your visage to help fix dryness, breakouts, and even aging. Gua Sha moves lymphatic fluids, releases the fascia so skin can function better and breaks down adhesions and hardness in muscles, like in the jaw. The net effect is a significant boost of blood to the skin, and an increase in the circulatory flow of blood and fluids.

Studies have shown an increase in circulation from the technique and  better flow improves natural hydration, gives a glowy skin tone, and aids skin’s ability to purge the dirt, sebum, and general buildup in the pores that leads to acne.

The skin is the largest organ in your body, remember to make time to take care of YOU!