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Something Old, Something New

Rustic style proves the adage that everything comes full circle.

By: Jaqueline Gonzalez   Photos by: Jason Page

Refreshing in its simplicity, rustic style embraces a rugged, resilient spirit, while showcasing its natural beauty. With a deep sense of love for heartfelt memories, the home of Andy and Katie Bennett is adorned with a sense of connection to the past that’s tough to resist. Their choice in decor provides a wonderful showcase for ingenuity, while giving them a chance to express their individuality, and love for fixer upper, rustic vibes.

 Upon entering the gorgeous home, visitors are welcomed with warm, earthy, nuanced colors from the natural world. Directly to the left, is the dining area filled with the simplicity and down-home charm of the countryside. A quad of landscape artwork, painted by Katie’s grandmother, adorns the wall, filling the area with a relaxing and comforting aura. In the living area, family heirlooms ranging from Katie’s grandfather’s magnifying glass to Andy’s grandmother’s ukulele enrich the rustic and antique vibe.

In every corner of the Bennett home, it becomes clear that Andy and Katie have become experts in taking used furniture, and turning it into vibrant, eye-catching pieces. Their style secret: repurposed objects. Katie designs the recreated pieces she finds in obscure antique shops in Corpus Christi. The living room features wall decor that was once a piano panel, while the laundry room door once belonged to an old French estate. She admits that a mirror, surrounded by an elegant gold filigree was once a wrought iron garden table. As soon as she laid eyes on the table, she knew with a bit of cleaning, and some paint, she would have the newest addition to her wall

The kitchen, a prominent feature in the house, complete with a granite countertop island, is in no way lacking room to gather around, cook, and converse with family and friends. The kitchen cabinets, intricately designed as hidden spaces, house a variety of kitchen necessities such as spices, the refrigerator and freezer, along with kitchen appliances. The perfect finishing touch comes in the form of a real, working dinner bell, sitting prominently on the wall.

Having children with different tastes can prove to be a challenge where home decor is concerned. Not for the Bennett’s. Their eclectic tastes in home decor are incorporated into the children’s’ bedrooms where vintage modern style meets one-of-a-kind repurposed furniture, sporting the latest colorful designs and trends.

Katie also extends heartfelt treasures into her children’s rooms, not only by allowing their personalities to shine through each decorative element, but also through furniture choices. While most children would prefer new furniture, the Bennett children are ahead of the game! From a chest of drawers that once belonged to Katie, to an old door frame now used as a headboard, the artistic flair in repurposing these objects not only becomes another meaningful piece, it also continues the story of the furniture, by changing the style to suit each child’s personality.
Her knack for design is especially evident in the Pinterest-inspired loft in her daughter’s bedroom- fit for a teen! Complete with a staircase, the cozy, compact nook houses a comfortable seating area, with enough room to study, relax, or hang out with a few friends.

The beauty has just begun on the first floor. At the foot of the stairs, guests will find a strategically placed cubby area, complete with a charging zone for each child. Katie proudly states that all electronic devices are turned in after school until homework is finished. Not only is this cubby area a creative idea, it also keeps the family organized and on task! As guests ascend the stairs to the second floor, they are greeted by Katie’s custom-made wall art, displayed as canvases bearing inspirational quotes.

With rooms to spare, the Bennetts added a crafting and game room on the second floor. Every avid crafter needs a space that allows for free-flowing creativity to shine. The crafting room is the perfect area for the Bennett family to carry out their creative genius. The room contains sewing machines, and an abundance of storage space, allowing for easy access to crafting tools and supplies. Katie even has a colorful ribbon station used for making mums!
The game room is the perfect place to unwind after a long day, while engaging in family time! The TV and couch offer an area for gameplay and relaxation, while the neatly stacked board game wonderland offers an enticing selection of recreational possibilities.

Stepping outside, the verdant backyard provides a lush and tranquil backdrop for outdoor play and entertaining. An outdoor kitchen, built by Andy, adds the perfect finishing touch for family

The Bennett family’s friendly, inviting, and easy-going nature is reflected in the comfortable furnishings, and casual feel of their home.