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Sleek & Modern Neutrals

Light and airy ambience with a dynamic pop of personality

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Jason Page

On the south side of Corpus Christi, you’ll find a group of stylish homes form the Terra Mar subdivision, near the Oso Bay Wetland Preserve. The wide sidewalks, perfect for family walks and bike riding, and the close proximity of the neighborhood park are among the perks that drew Lauren and Drew Becquet to purchase their new home in this area. After viewing the floor plans for the homes and getting a feel for the neighborhood, they knew the peaceful area was going to be perfect, so they broke ground in February of 2019 and were ready to move in by October of 2019. 

Although they didn’t design the interior themselves, they were pleased with the floorplans offered, and still got to tailor some areas of the home to make it unique. They knew for certain the traditional exterior look of a red brick home was what they wanted – and Lauren found that in the Terra Mar subdivision. 

Choosing a functional color palette was one of the first steps Lauren took when she began decorating. She didn’t want to commit to one specific color scheme, so she knew utilizing a neutral palette filled with white and gray would create the perfect soft, yet inviting canvas from which to bring out their family’s personality throughout the home. 

Inspired by the light, neutral, and airy feel of the coastal homes at Cinnamon Shores in Port Aransas, she picked out backsplashes, flooring, and paint, then began building off this color scheme and continued adding items that meshed well. The neutral palette also allowed Lauren to encompass a modern look while giving her the freedom to evolve seamlessly between seasons and to change up different elements in the home without making any drastic alterations. 

As she purchased main furniture items, she acknowledged that “this palette made it easier to have the option to buy new accent pillows or rugs without having to repaint the walls or buy a new couch.” Once she had this theme in place, she began building upon it to bring each room to life. 

Don’t be fooled by the softness of the neutral shades; this color scheme takes on a new personality in every room. Lauren loves to cook and bake, so her favorite room is the kitchen, where she spends the majority of her time. Personalizing it with feminine touches was next on her list, and the most eye-catching piece in the kitchen is a handmade runner rug purchased from Turkey. The juxtaposition of pinks and grays on the rug not only matches her base color scheme, but an eye-catching pop that completes the area. Lauren also has a pink Kitchen-Aid hand mixer she uses as an element of décor. The large kitchen island gives her plenty of space for cooking, but she also loves it as an area to hang out with her children and have snacks throughout the day. The fresh hydrangeas on the countertop are the perfect finishing touch which allows Lauren to claim this space as her own. 

The warmth of the neutrals carries into the dining area with its small breakfast nook. The wooden table and matching chairs featuring black metal legs and crossback make a perfect combination with the matte black buffet table against the wall, offering hints of a more rustic and industrial vibe. The Becquets also have a more formal dining area, which is ideal for larger family gatherings, although those have been put on hold.

The entertainment center in the living room is another one of Lauren’s favorite elements. When they built the home, it was an inlet of a wall, but she and Drew hired someone to execute her vision of a shiplap wall, shelves, and cabinetry with an opening in the middle for the TV. Within two weeks, she had her gorgeous entertainment center and eye-catching piece in the living room. 

Drew’s home office space also showcases unique personality. The open room features a raw edge wooden desk sitting atop a real cowhide rug, and is illuminated by natural sunlight. Toward the back are shelves that allow him to display awards from work and family photos. In addition, the stark white wall is perfect for Drew to hang hunting trophies. 

With so much charm and personality, the Becquet home is filled with warmth, comfort, and an inviting ambience.