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Skincare Fundamentals

Four cornerstones for healthy skin, as told by Skincare Butik owner Catharina Pehrson.


By: Catharina Pehrson, Skincare Butik Owner and Aesthetician.

Throughout the year I will share facts, tips and suggestions on how to achieve optimum skin health and total wellbeing. In this article you will learn some very important facts along with the key building blocks to always keep in mind on the road to your healthiest skin ever!

Although the skin is our largest organ in the body, it is the last organ to receive nutrition, yet among the first organs to show signs of an imbalance or deficiency!

Skincare experts often include facial mapping analysis to identify areas of break out, acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or redness to help determine the root cause of the skin condition, which will help determine what treatments, products, and lifestyle changes are best suited to correct any skin concern.

Inner Health – Outer Beauty:

Healthy skin starts from within, and the cleaner we eat the better we look. Basic health begins and ends with the gut (which is often called the second brain). If the gut is off and the body is inflamed, no beauty tricks are going to make you look or feel good enough.

Nourish Skin from Outside In:

The skin also works in the opposite way and absorbs what is applied to it on the outside. It is important to avoid toxic ingredients that not only burden your skin but also enter your blood stream and tax the liver. Nourish your skin from the outside in by using “clean” skincare products, and always check the labels for “black listed” ingredients.

Beauty Sleep:

Our skin is also strongly influenced by our emotions and mental state. Studies show that stress can cause visible aging at the cellular level and psychological stress has been linked to a cellular indicator of aging in healthy people. There is a reason it is called beauty sleep; rest, meditation and sleep is simply the most important component for beauty and well-being.

Cell Renewal:

Exercising regularly is the key to de-stress and delay the effects of aging. It is a fact that our muscles decreases by about 1 percent each year beginning in our late twenties! Our production of collagen (main protein in the connective tissue that improves firmness in the skin) decreases with time because of poor circulation. To encourage cell renewal and keep the skin tight we need to exercise which allows us to maintain healthy muscles. Without exercise as we age our skin can become disconnected from our muscles because our connective tissue don’t have anything to pull the skin tight to, resulting in skin that looks thinner and weaker.

Creating a balance between these four cornerstones of wellness – proper nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the face and body will improve your overall lifestyle!  Maintain a comprehensive nutrition and fitness regimen, get plenty of rest and schedule a consultation with your skincare professional.