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Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Your Flight at The Waterline

Indulge in The Waterline's flavor-filled frozen cocktails.

Photo by Rachel Benavides

Nothing makes summer in the Coastal Bend better than a frozen cocktail — or four. The Waterline, the downstairs patio bar at Doc’s Seafood & Steaks, finds that frozen flights are the perfect way to cool down.

The idea of a frozen flight, introduced by bartender Desiree Gonzales, was inspired by the on-the-rocks margarita flights she encountered during her summer travels, and while we love a good rocks drink, a frozen flurry version suits South Texas summers way better.

It started with the frozen margaritas: an inviting set of flavors such as mango, strawberry, cucumber and OG lime all lined up, accessorized generously with chamoy and tajin. When the frozen marg flight took off, the bartenders at Waterline figured it’d be a good idea to invite the rest of their frozen best on board.

The frozen flight features the best of rum, dark rum and tequila in a colorful quad: strawberry daiquiri, piña colada, house margarita and the classic Miami vice. Through seasonal flavors and bartender picks, the choices switch up, and the selections are endless.

Waterfront bartender Parker Shelley gives a little helpful tip to his patrons: Out on the water where Waterline has its huge open patio, the sun beats down on sunscreened skin and drinks, and the latter get a little melty. So, he suggests sharing the flights with friends to find your favorite (and before they melt).

“When you’re not quite sure what you want, if two of you split this, you may both find one that you want to get full- sized,” he said with a laugh. “You may both find a favorite, and they may be different, or the same. That’s part of the fun … tasting different things and finding what you like.”

“Down here, it’s all about making everything refreshing, crisp and cold — it’s very hot out here in the summer,” said Waterline manager Nicholas Parra as we chatted out on the sunlit patio bar. “So when people come out here, they want something that’s chilled and going to make them feel cool and refreshed.”

The beach bar keeps the tone fruity and tropical, with fresh purees on deck for whatever your flight selection might be. Find solace from the beach sun and learn which is your favorite frozen elixir at The Waterline at Doc’s this season.


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