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In Vino Veritas at Siren’s Call Winery

The Island's newest winery offers fruit wines, takeaway offerings and wine slushes in a variety of flavors.

wine slushies from Siren's Call Winery

Photography by Deux Boheme

For Pam and Dr. Byron Conner, the creation of Siren’s Call Winery involved one essential ingredient: love. While falling in love with each other, they were also falling in love with wine, and over the years, they embarked on many a wine adventure that eventually inspired them to venture into the industry. The world of winemaking echoed a siren’s call to Pam, drawing her in with its alluring flavors waiting to be woven into exquisite blends to enjoy. 

While Pam was educating herself and gaining industry experience, Byron was tirelessly supporting her every step of the way. Eventually, in June 2023, she was standing in her dream: at the grand opening of her winery, with a large crowd of people anxiously awaiting the house-made libations.

wine slushies from Siren 's Call Winery
Wine slushies available in select flavors | Photography by Deux Boheme

Located on Padre Island, this family-owned business features a laid-back beachy atmosphere with selections of dry, fruity and sweet wines, including frozen wine slushies. 

Clever flavors of fruit wines like Mama Jama and Amazing Apple, and sweet wines like Seductive Strawberry and Passionate Peach, line the shelves in eye-catching colors. The dry selections include Pinot Grigio, Dry Blueberry and Calm Beach Sweet — a Moscato that was intended to be a sweet wine, but due to insufficient sweetener, turned out as a flavorful dry option, much to Pam’s delight. 

wine pouches and snack tackle boxes from Siren's Call Winery
Take your wine and snacks to the beach! Select flavors are sold in plastic bottles and pouches to adhere to beach regulations. | Photography by Deux Boheme.

The ingenuity doesn’t end there: Pam created a unique jalapeño wine from scratch that involves 16 jalapeños, chopped and mixed with a pound of golden raisins, per gallon for an infusion of fiery flavor. And in a playful twist on traditional wine, Pam also introduced her frozen wine slushies: Sold by the glass or in a 500 ml plastic zipper pouch, they come in Sassy Sangria, Wild Watermelon and Peach Mango Bellini flavors. 

Each flavor requires a meticulous process to achieve its perfection. This involves the initial combination of sugar and yeast to begin the fermentation process, which can last anywhere from two weeks to a month to reach the desired alcohol percentage. Then, agents are added, and the wine is sweetened. Once the desired sweetness is achieved, the aging process begins. Lastly, the wine is filtered to clear out any sediment before it’s bottled. 

This is only the beginning for Siren’s Call Winery — Pam’s creativity and ambition are working overtime to bring new flavors and ideas to the quaint Island establishment.

Contact:  14225 S. Padre Island Dr., Ste. 6 | @sirenscallwinery

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