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Resolution Resources: How to Start and Keep Coastal Bend Resolutions

If getting outside and giving back were on your list of 2018 goals, we’re here to help make your resolutions a reality.

Words by: Alexis Mays  Photo by: Rachel Benavides

Some New Year’s resolutions are easier to keep than others.

Gyms have trainers and classes, websites and aps will create meal plans and shopping lists, and we can force ourselves to hit the sack an hour earlier…after one more episode of Stranger Things.

But some resolutions don’t have worldwide resources at your fingertips. Giving back to your city or getting back to nature can leave people wondering where to start. Check out these resolution solutions for your community-centered goals.


Give Back

Giving back doesn’t just help your city, it’s also good for you. But how do you find out which groups and organizations are in town?

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to search. A web site called  holds more than 50 pages of nonprofit organizations in and around Corpus Christi, Texas. You can search by keyword (like ‘animals’), or by partial name of an organization (like ‘Junior League’).

There’s also lists of nonprofits on the United Chamber of Commerce and  

Whether you’re looking to donate time or money, it won’t be hard to get connected with any nonprofit organization. Each web site lists contact information to call or visit to their web site to learn more.


Go Outside

It’s free, it’s healthy, and it’s right outside your door. The great outdoors is where you can exercise, spend time with friends and family, and walk Fido. There’s no doubt about it: Getting outside is head-to-toe healthy for mind and body.

It seems simple… until you poke your head outside and wonder, where’s a nearby parks for my kids? How can I find a nature trail to ride my bike? Does my neighborhood have a dog park?

Check out this interactive map of nature spots, and their amenities, in Corpus Christi.

Not only does it show what’s near you, it also lists what’s available at each park, from swing sets to grills. Find more information about parks, trails, beaches, and more on The Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department’s web site.

And if you’re looking for some top outdoor destinations in our community, The Coastal Bend Convention and Visitor’s Bureau lists these 25 popular spots.