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People of the Bend: Seth Wieland

Owner of local gym, The Quad, shares his positive impact mindset.

“I don’t go home at night feeling good unless I’ve helped someone. I want to positively impact as many people as I possibly can. My gym – The Quad — is my platform for that. That’s why I’ve got four trainers that I’m coaching to do the same thing I’m doing, so that they can coach other people. The growth for this is unlimited; we just have to keep going with it.

Positive impact has always been my mindset. I read a ton of self-help books, and I realize a lot of them are about reassuring myself that I can do this. It’s a reassurance that other people need, too. I want to help make a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. And any way I can figure out how to do this better, and better, and better, that’s the whole goal.”

 – Seth Wieland