Prints and Patterns to Elevate Your Style

Pattern Play: Burst into a Full Bloom of Expression

Don’t be a wallflower; burst into a full bloom of self-expression this season with prints and patterns.

Elevate your summer wardrobe into full bloom with prints and patterns.

Photography by Deux Boheme at South Texas Botanical Gardens

Prints and patterns are calling your name, and you don’t have to pick just one … or two or three. This is a bountiful season for playful colors and patterns, ripe for creative exploration. It’s also a resounding call to refresh your stylistic voice by adding a layer of interest to tried-and-true classics like stripes and gingham, or for trying a new, eclectic flavor of ikat and brushstroke patterns.

Skirt from Shop L&RK. Top & Purse from Renaissance Antiques

Creating the perfect mixed ensemble doesn’t have an exact recipe. The best way to begin is to decide if you want to tread lightly with a subtle take that combines neutral colors and delicate patterns, or if you’re ready to stretch into the limelight with a maximalist splash of bold colors and loud prints.

Pants, top and clutch from Jewels.

Here are a few ideas to get you on the path to selecting with intention and communicating your unique flair:

  • Pick a color story that appeals to you. For example, choose complementary colors like orange and blue or green and magenta. Then, select contrasting scales of patterns in those colors, either small and large or structured and organic.
  • A “harmoniously hectic” approach would be to wear pieces in the same color scheme or same pattern together — for example, a barrage of head-to-toe polka dots in contrasting tones.
Dress and kimono from Jewels. Belt from Renaissance Antiques.
  • Keep in mind that heavy textures do count as a pattern, so use them as a way to rest the eye or add interest without adding additional colors.
  • There is no wrong way to mix patterns, as long as you select what you love and wear it with confidence. You are multifaceted, unique and nuanced; your style voice can be, too!
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