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Open House: The Colorful, Mod Home of Britany and Jake Cummins

A look inside this inspired, optimistic home with vivid hues and vibrant accessories

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Lillian Reitz

When Britany and Jake Cummins moved to Corpus Christi in 2020 from Hanford, California, they began searching for the perfect place to call home. They looked at many houses in different neighborhoods, but there was something about a soft pink house located on the South Side of Corpus Christi that really grabbed Britany’s attention. 

Although the pink exterior offered a playful and feminine vibe, the home’s interior was predominantly painted in neutrals, which presented a tame and subdued palette that didn’t appeal to Britany. It did, however, give her a clean slate from which to weave her vibrant personality through each room. Taking a cue from interior designer and well-known “color queen” Sophie Roberts, Britany adopted the method of choosing 3-4 colors and building on different hues of each. Roberts’s color psychology course helped Britany choose green, yellow, blue, and orange as her starting points. 


When it came to choosing her décor, she looked for items that reflected her love of Palm Springs and Mid-century modern styling in her chosen color palette, and worked from there to furnish each space. 

One of the first rooms to greet guests is the dining room with its bold contrasts. A black-and-white striped rug provides a platform for the bold teal velvet chairs on gold legs, paired with a wooden table, and champagne-colored tufted couch. The chartreuse walls are an appropriate backdrop for the dark curtains with bright flowers and gold accent pieces. The real eye-catching piece is in the form of wall art, which Britany created by taking a calendar from an Italian café, cutting the photos out, and framing them to add a touch of vintage and unique décor. 


The bright orange barstools used in the kitchen, juxtaposed with the palm tree leaf wallpaper, offered the perfect coastal yet eclectic ambience in this space. The design created a seamless transition from Palm Springs into Corpus Christi, and it fulfilled Britany’s love of eclecticism and color. 

The bursts of color continue in her breakfast nook, with the combination of robin’s egg blue and bright yellow offering an ambience of joy and optimism, making it the perfect place to enjoy a meal first thing in the morning. When she found the rectangular, white wooden table, Britany knew she needed bright shades to pair with it, and had carte blanche on the color scheme she could run with. Although she originally wanted wallpaper with bold stripes, she found an alternative in white curtains with large, bold yellow stripes, and decided to pair them with the blue paint on the walls. The color combination not only matches the bright blue wooden chairs, but it also provides the best launchpad for the natural lighting coming from the window. A glass vase filled with lemons in the center of the table makes a fun and whimsical addition. Britany didn’t want to overdo the brightness in one area, so she added a kaleidoscopic print rug in darker shades to provide a good transition into the designs of the nearby rooms. 

In the living room, the bold, green shade of the velvet couch became the starting point for the décor. To add personality, she combined a striped armchair in dark, bold colors, orange and white floral curtains, vintage artwork, and a bright yellow fireplace, and transformed the living room into a masterpiece of charm. 


After reading that neutrals work best when they’re intentional, Britany decided to take a different spin on the décor in her daughter’s playroom. She painted the walls the purest white she could find and used them as a canvas for the many shelves, toys, and trinkets to color the space with the uplifting spirit of a child’s personality. 

The color combination in the master bedroom is a gorgeous work of art with the deep green wall paint, black-and-white striped rug, and gold lamp, all of which properly accessorize the white bedding, royal blue headboard, and mustard-colored accent pillows. 


This is only the beginning; Britany has many more fresh ideas to come, and although her family is still new to the area, they are looking forward to learning more about the Coastal Bend and discovering all our area has to offer.