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Muggles Welcomed

With a new location, the latest coffee shop to open in the Coastal Bend is ready to become your common room

By: Jessie Monsivias  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Susan Almaguer’s passion for both coffee and Harry Potter is what inspired The Coffee Muggle, a new coffee shop in the Coastal Bend. Décor replicating the feel of a “Common Room,” and an “I heart Coffee” mural marked with the Deathly Hallows emblem in the center of the heart embrace a love of coffee, fandom, and the acceptance of being different.

“The vibe I wanted started by being different. I’m a Potter nerd. When I started off at the other coffee shop, people embraced my weirdness. I’ve received donations of Harry Potter stuff and have found a community where people can meet new people and create new friendships,” Susan shares.

Susan shared her love of coffee with the public through her personal social media and blog. Traveling to various coffee shops, striking up friendly conversations with baristas and owners, and wanting to learn more about her passion for coffee, is how she spent her time before conjuring up this idea. Susan shared it all through her writing and photography. A few years later, she opened up a coffee shop with a name similar to her Instagram handle and a logo that incorporates her obsession with Harry Potter.

The Coffee Muggle looks forward to hosting events, different than those found in most coffee shops, such as a Dungeons and Dragons throw down once a week, Harry Potter trivia nights, and even astrology workshops.

The Coffee Muggle has partnered with Matcha Konomi and Driftwood Coffee Co. to bring unique items such as Pensive: a blue tea made with Matcha Konomi’s butterfly pea flower and steamed milk and honey, Polyjuice: a matcha latte, and Unicorn Blood: purple iced tea with edible glitter.

The menu also includes staple items, The Mocha: a drink with Belgium cocoa powder made from scratch, espresso and steamed milk, and The Dementor: Driftwood Co. house coffee, shot of espresso, and a shot of chocolate sauce made in-house. “It’s the strongest and darkest drink, like a dementor,” says Susan with a laugh.

Merchandise for the Coffee Muggle is currently in the works. Patrons can look forward to t-shirts, patches, pins, hats, and a special “muggle” coffee blend from Driftwood.

“I never thought that this would be a possibility. The fact that people feel welcome here and comfortable and feel like this is their second home. That’s it for me; that’s my goal.”

1112 Morgan Ave.
Corpus Christi, Texas, 78404