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Meet Sue Donahoe

Co-founder and Director of the South Texas Music Walk of Fame speaks on the legacy of and plans for this public attraction.

By: Kylie Kinnett  Photos by: DeKwaan Wynn

What is your connection to the South Texas Music Walk of Fame?

In 2003, Brad Lomax was preparing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Water Street Oyster Bar. He asked me to help him think of a “thank you gift” that he could give to people of Corpus Christi. “Something permanent, something special,” he said, “something that’s not about me.” My late husband, Mike, came up with the idea. We had owned a tiny record store in downtown Austin in the 1990’s. All over the streets of the city are stars honoring famous Texans. We adapted the concept to honor musicians from our area.

What do you think the importance of the South Texas Music Walk of Fame is to our community and culture?

The WALK serves as a mirror, reflecting our cultural diversity and abundance. It has appeared on hundreds of websites and Facebook pages, and has become recognized by music fans world-wide as a great tribute to great talent. Locals take pride in it and tourists are in awe of it.

I know you have a love for Corpus Christi, and especially Downtown. What do you think is so special about this place?

Our downtown is not much bigger than a mall—which makes it exactly the right size to offer the best features of Austin, the French Quarter, and London. When I walk through our downtown today, I see a thrilling potential for the development of a wide variety of small businesses—which could form an organic, stable, and vibrant business community.

2018 is the 15th anniversary of The South Texas Music Walk of Fame. What happens next? 

A book! This year we will begin writing a book about the history of the Walk. It will include all the info that is in the library archive, as well as personal stories about each year’s event. It will also include a complete list of all the nominees. To that end, we are putting out a call for nominations; let’s make that list long. The book will be beautiful, loaded with Bob Redding’s amazing photos, and deserving of proper presentation. We hope to capture the interest of a regional or university press for publication in 2019.  Oh, and in June, we’ll unveil the new stars!