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Masters of Mid Mod

Local couple modernizes their '50s home while preserving the authenticity of its classic design

By: Jacqueline Gonzalez   Photos By: Jason Page

Among the graceful tree-lined streets near the Ocean Drive and Santa Fe area sits a mid-century modern gem, owned by Kathy and Bill McCord for the last 28 years. One of the features the McCords love about their neighborhood is the tall, cascading trees that highlight the lush green lots, which offer a serene view of the water without being situated directly on Ocean Drive. The curbside appeal and lush aesthetic, coupled with the quiet neighborhood, made for the perfect place to live. 

Built in the 1950s, their spacious home features clean, minimalist lines and an admirable design, but they sought to modernize the interior while continuing to preserve its mid-century aesthetic. To achieve their design goals, the McCords hired interior designer and local artist Rita Bryant. Bryant carefully selected a color palette consisting of neutral shades, along with pops of blue, rust, and turquoise from which to work. Once they established their color choices, Bryant began to compile design ideas to modernize the interior and strengthen the home’s existing character. Luckily, Bryant has a talent for finding exactly what her clients are looking for, and Kathy and Bill were on board with her choices. 
Mid-century design is known for its clean lines and simple aesthetic, and the preservation of the beautiful wood walls and flooring, along with the addition of a few white walls, brighten this space beautifully. The juxtaposition of the white and the wood made the perfect backdrop for the pops of color Rita and Kathy obtained through décor and accessories, like the handblown glass flowers above the television and entertainment center that add a colorful and playful touch to the neutral-colored area.
The wooden dining room table and glass vases also lend to this classic look, while the red florals offer an elegant, colorful accent. The proximity of this table to the open windows provides a view of the sun-kissed landscape, offering the perfect space for a relaxing meal. 
Bryant used her artistic talents to create unique touches for the walls. In the entryway, four mirrors were arranged atop a marble floating shelf, making an artistic statement, and an eye-catching piece for visitors. The McCords also wanted more artwork and felt that Bryant’s artistic talents were perfect to achieve this goal, so they commissioned special pieces from her. Bryant’s diptych paintings sit above the couch, and the vibrant artwork harmonizes with the calming aesthetic of the home, while adding personality into the space.
A geometric coffee table in the living room offers a clean and appealing complement to the couches and armchairs – like many of the furniture choices obtained from Chic to Chic, it’s an ideal addition to preserve this aesthetic while adding a tinge of modernism. Another example is the floor-to-ceiling shelving unit, which offers a space to showcase accessories that add character to the area. Kathy loves accessories, and she chose a single candleholder, featuring three women holding hands behind their back, as a centerpiece.
Each Coastal Bend home should have an outdoor area to reconnect with nature and unwind while enjoying the fresh air, and the windows in the living area offer a pleasing view of the outdoors, integrating nature as a dynamic part of the living environment. 
Rather than saturating the backyard with furniture, Kathy and Bill chose to create a relaxing environment through lush landscaping and florals purchased at Gill Nursery. The large flower bed, giant vase blooming with philodendron, and a water-filled urn sitting on the patio create an inviting garden space, and the perfect view from indoors, while the windows invite natural light through the entire home. 
With fresh design updates that retain the mid-century modern aesthetic, this home’s classic style will endure for decades more.