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Local Publisher Releases New Installment of Comic Series

Meet Love Sick Dog Publishing and their comic series "The Diner Things in Life"

By: Editorial Team   Illustrations Provided By: Frank Trevino (Love Sick Dog Publishing)

Growing up, Sunday comics were always a treat to read. Like Saturday morning cartoons, there is a certain comfort reminiscing in the drawings that brought you joy. Creating a weekly or daily storyline with jokes seems taxing. And to entertain the sensibilities of an audience that has a broad range in age? My hats off to those who have been able to create at rapid succession.

Local illustrator, and what seems fitting, jack of all trades, Frank Trevino is the founder of Love Sick Dog Publishing. His company is an extension of his interests, from music production and publishing to his comic book series The Diner Things in Life. The comic series is aimed towards young adults but provides entertainment for all ages. Trevino goes on to say, “My goal is to write a comic that teens and adults can enjoy. I always wanted to write a comic that kids can grow into, like the Shrek films. Kids and adults like the movies, but over time and maturation, the jokes begin to show their depth.” 

Inspired by a game catalyzed by his niece and nephews at a restaurant. Trevino took the experience he had eating with his family and ran with his thesis of “What if I were to eat a restaurant with a crazy chef and bad service?” The first installation of The Diner Things in Life, was published in 2011. The process of creating his first compilation was organic for Trevino. Only taking a few months to write and illustrate, his first release included over two hundred comic strips.

His most recent release, The Diner Things in Life: The Brilliance of Who I Am, follows two juveniles, Frankie and Trey-Trey, who are forced to eat at the diner by dreadful Chef John and his loyal waitress, Maegen. The diner’s food is horrible, and the service is even worse! The diner acts as a Venus Fly Trap by catching unsuspecting customers and subjecting them to the peril and outlandish situations served up in this comical eatery.  

The release of The Diner Things in Life: The Brilliance of Who I Am brings to question, “What project will Trevino tackle next?” Trevino will be promoting his work by posting more comics online. He will also be sharing full chapters from his older release, The Diner Things in Life: What’s with All the Complicated Orders? Trevino also stated, “In honor of the upcoming election, I am going to be posting on Facebook and Twitter a storyline that has Trey-Trey running for office. The story is about politics but is not political. The storyline doesn’t favor Republicans or Democrats. It’s a story both sides can laugh at.” And in today’s climate, a good laugh is something we all really need.

You can find The Diner Things in Life on Facebook and on twitter at @diner_life. The Brilliance of Who I Am can be found on Amazon.