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Local Makers Creating Ways to Support Organizations Fighting Racial Injustice

Makers around the Coastal Bend are creating ways to raise funds

By: Editorial Team   Photo by: Sebastian Isaac

There are numerous ways to contribute to the conversation revolving around inequality and police brutality around our nation today. Donating funds to various organizations might be the best way for you to get involved. Or maybe signing petitions and contacting representatives is your strong suit. Perhaps you find yourself having extra time and can volunteer it to local efforts. However for some, continuing to create is how they’re choosing to lend what they can. When looking at our feeds this week, we began to notice local makers and creatives taking to their social media to use their business as a method of raising funds to donate their proceeds to various Black Lives Matter related organizations or donating their time and services for those trying to get a message out. Below are just a few we have found in the Coastal Bend. If you’d prefer to give directly to a local organization, we’ve listed a few below, as well. 

• The Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education – Corpus Christi has created a t-shirts that will be for sale this weekend. 100% of the proceeds will be sent directly to George Floyd’s family.

• Corpus Christi Dance Collective is hosting a virtual benefit workshop where 100% of proceeds are going to this cause. Three guest choreographers, Charles Roy Jr., Quentin Arispe, and Wes Lambeaux will teach the workshop! In addition to the donation, CCDC will also be paying all three of the instructors for their time and talents. Registration for the workshop will go live tonight (6.6.20) at midnight.  

• Local clothing brand Destroy a Drum created a new t-shirt in order to help raise funds. They’ll be donating 100% of their proceeds to the Equal Justice Initiative and Black Lives Matter. 

• Trendy Eats and Vegan Treats will once again be making pastry deliveries this coming Monday with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Black Lives Matter causes. (50% to medical expenses and bail bonds for those who got arrested or injured in protests, and 50% to local black businesses destroyed by riots). She will be taking orders on her page!

• Molly Pierce Designs is offering her graphic and web design services for those who need help getting their message for justice out. 

• Local photographer Jaymee E. is selling prints of her beautiful photos and donating 100% of the proceeds to Black Lives Matter organizations the entire month of June.

• Design brand We Know Future designed a t-shirt to raise funds as well. 100% of the profits will be donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and the George Floyd Memorial fund.

• Ila Designs will be donating 100% of her proceeds from tonight’s Virtual ArtWalk sale to Helping Hand -Access PR Small Business Relief. The campaign fund was created to support Black-owned-businesses affected by COVID-19 and recent looting from protests. 

• The Brujita, a local business specializing in candles, bath salts, and various beauty products will be doing donation-based readings tonight. All donations made through the readings will be sent directly to Black Lives Matter related organizations. 

• Daze Jewelry is auctioning off a gorgeous emerald sterling silver necklace and will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Black Lives Matter Foundation. The local maker chose the stone of an emerald as it represents the enhancement of unconditional love, unity, and promotes friendship. The auction ends Sunday!

• Green Light Coffee is hosting a solidarity market on June 13th featuring local businesses such as Artsy Wire, The Brujita, Cindy Saenz, General Goods Vintage, Hybrid Records, Rosé Soiree Floral Bar, and Trendy Eats and Vegan Treats. Proceeds from the market will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Local Non-Profits / Organizations You Might Consider Donating To:

The Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education – Corpus Christi

TABPHE-CC is a local branch of TABPHE, founded by Tina Butler, Gloria Reed, and Dr. Helen Gurely in 1991. The 501c(3) represents all levels of high education and serves as a voice for minority faculty, staff, students, and administrators in order to better the education system for all. They offer countless programs and resources throughout the year, as well as plan and hold the annual Juneteenth event in our local community, which has been postponed due to COVID-19.  tabphecc.org

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – Corpus Christi

The NAACP-CC mission is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. Becoming a member of this organizations allows your membership dues to contribute to their ongoing community projects and initiatives throughout the year. corpuschristinaacp.org

Corpus Christi DSA

Corpus Christi DSA are actually the organizers behind last weekend’s protest in Downtown Corpus Christi. Throughout the year, they are constantly using their time, energy, talents, resources, and passion for returning power to the people to fight injustices in our own local community. Corpus Christi DSA