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Laura Commons’ Go-To Beauty Routine

I’ve learned you have to make yourself a priority. For me, that looks like taking time to cook healthy meals, getting as close as I can to seven to eight hours of sleep and exercising to keep myself strong and agile.

My husband of 28 years passed away over two years ago, and it was a hard reality to face that he was no longer here to encourage me to live a healthy lifestyle. It was now up to me to do it on my own — so almost immediately, I tried very hard to do just that.

It’s now routine for me to exercise three times a week with my trainer, Amy Daniels, who has also helped me come up with meals consisting of lean proteins, lots of green vegetables and a few healthy carbs that work for my palate. I absolutely love food, so for me it is a balance. I try very hard to stick to healthy meals on a daily basis so that I can splurge on special occasions. You have to enjoy life and all that it has to offer. I’m not about denying myself the things that bring me joy, like a delicious meal with friends. If you’re content, it shows!

Other than the three days I train with Daniels, I also try to get in another two to three days of exercise per week, typically consisting of a run or walk in the neighborhood or maybe a yoga class, such as one of my local favorites: Water Dog Yoga, SUP & Barre. The classes are fun, and if you pick the right class, you’ll also get to take in some great views of our bay.

More importantly, being comfortable with who you are and living your life in gratitude for all that has been given to you is the basis of beauty in my opinion. But, when it comes to tangible products, there are a few I can’t go without.

Dior Airflash

This is a luxury I will never give up! This is the absolute best if you like a light base but still need coverage. This stuff smells and feels great on. I have turned so many friends onto this product. Available at Dillard’s

Ivory Soap

I have very sensitive skin, leaning toward dry, and when I was very young my dermatologist suggested I use Ivory because it has little fragrance and wouldn’t dry out my skin. I have never been able to use anything else on my face since. Available at H-E-B

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

My mom instilled in me the importance of keeping my skin moisturized from day one, and I am so thankful for that. This product was also recommended to me by my dermatologist, and it is a staple in my home; I could not live without it. I apply a generous amount after showers. I keep it at my desk and in my purse. This is a perfect example of an inexpensive product that truly works just as well as, if not better than, some of the most expensive moisturizers you can buy. Available at any major grocery or drug store

Coconut Oil

I love the shine that it gives my legs! I don’t use it anywhere else. I’ve been asked a few times what product I have on my legs and this is it. Available at H-E-B

Anastasia Glow Kit

Years ago I asked a woman at a restaurant why her makeup looked so luminous. She said it was her Anastasia highlighter kit. So I went straight to Ulta and purchased it and I have worn it every day since. Works great on your face, eyes and décolletage. Available at Ulta Beauty

NARS Orgasm Blush

This product seems to make everyone’s “Best Blush” list. And rightfully so — it adds a very natural color to your face with a little shimmer too. All of the products I use on my face tend to add a dewy effect; I don’t use any matte products. The idea is for my face to look like it’s well hydrated and glowing. Available at Sephora

Hill Med Spa

I make regular visits to see Alice Hill, a local aesthetician. I absolutely love her, and she understands how important it is to me to look natural and healthy. She also never tries to oversell me, and I trust her fully. I typically will go in and just ask her what products and/or treatments she thinks would be most beneficial.