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Juicy Poolside Scene

Making a splash with color and functionality

By: JoAnne Howell  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

With spring in full swing, we’ve got pool parties on the brain. As the temperatures rise here in South Texas, get your pool scene right and set a themed pool day with your friends. Adding colorful décor, towels, and barware bring a little pizzazz to the party. Plus, most of the décor will also have a practical use – a true win-win. 

Adding produce to the décor is only one of those practical moves. Not only do these citrus fruits make for great pool side cocktail garnishes, but their colorful palette creates added excitement. Customized napkins and barware will also upgrade your scene and make your guests feel special and thought of!

You can mix things up by incorporating various shapes into your set up. Go for round beach towels and pool floaties as opposed to the normal rectangular shape. Regardless of your chosen motif, setting an intentional theme for you and your friends will elevate your pool day. 

Make A Splash

Gather acrylic glassware and serving pieces to complete your look. These are easily found at any local department store or boutique. They come in bright colors or clear and make it easy to follow no-glass rules. 

Set your place with woven rugs to add that pop of color. You won’t regret the soft spot on your feet after a day in the pool. 

Bright citrus slices make for fun pool floats. Have as many available for your guests as you can, ensuring the best of floating fun. 

Floral always adds a touch of whimsy and softens up any space. Pool safe containers that won’t break are best. Again, acrylic or an upscale plastic container will keep it together best. 

Get the Look

Towels, floats, pool bag, side tables, pillows, rug, pitcher, and tumblers – Coastal Closet

Floral arrangement –  Always in Bloom

Custom. stir sticks and beverage napkins – Oh Good Designs