Jason Grosboll, aka "Popcorn Guy," is Officially a Viral Sensation

How Jason Grosboll, aka “Popcorn Guy,” Became a Viral Phenomenon

Over the last week, Corpus Christi resident Jason Grosboll, better known as "Popcorn Guy," has gone viral on TikTok for his impressive popcorn-serving skills.

Jason Grosboll in Corpus Christi, Texas wows Cinemark customers as the "Popcorn Guy."

Photo source: Shutterstock

Most people head to the movies with the expectation of entertainment in the form of a film on the big screen. However, when heading to Century 16 XD and IMAX in Corpus Christi, moviegoers are in for a different kind of show before they even take their seats. If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past week, you probably know where this is headed. Jason Grosboll, better known as “Popcorn Guy,” has officially stolen the hearts of movie and popcorn lovers around the world.

In a TikTok video created by Oscar Leal, Grosboll is seen showcasing his marvelous popcorn serving flair. As of this writing, the original TikTok video has garnered 6.1M views and over 21k comments. Footage of Grosboll’s top-tier talent continues to be shared and netizens both near and far are celebrating Popcorn Guy’s unbeatable skills of butter distribution with a side of razzle-dazzle.

In speaking with KIII, Grosboll shared, “Whenever somebody asks for butter, I always make sure to layer it.” He goes on to explain that initially, people didn’t quite understand the technique aids in serving customers the best possible product. “At first, no one really understood it, but as time passed on, people loved it,” he said in the same interview with KIII. 

Thousands of comments online regarding the unmatched customer service call for Grosboll to receive a raise or promotion. “Give that man a raise and manager title,” wrote TikTok user @Naposapo. “Hope his superiors and for sure the owners see this…He deserves a raise,” wrote another individual under the username @Imnotsurewhat2puthere.

Grosboll even went on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to discuss his newfound viral fame. In the segment, Kimmel asks Grosboll how it feels to be the “King of Popcorn,” to which he responds, “It feels amazing … I never thought it would get to this point.” He goes on to explain he had no idea the video was going viral until his phone began buzzing off the hook with messages and phone calls.

This isn’t anything new for Grosboll, though. He shared with Kimmel that he’s been serving up buttery bliss in this way for almost five years now. After the King of Popcorn walked Kimmel through his creative process, he even received an invitation from Kimmel himself to the 95th Annual Academy Awards, which Kimmel is set to host, on March 12. Kimmel asked Grosboll, “Do you think you can get the weekend off to make popcorn for Tom Cruise?” If there’s ever a reason to request a day off, I’d imagine that’s it.

Needless to say, Jason Grosboll, aka The Popcorn Guy, aka The King of Popcorn, aka The Butter King, needs to be protected at all costs. Not all heroes wear capes … some simply wear a Cinemark hat and apron with a popcorn scooper in hand.