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It’s Poetry Night at The Exchange

Local podcast hosts first live event for mental health awareness week

By: Julieta Hernandez   Photo courtesy of Revolve One Podcast 

In light of mental health awareness week, safe spaces dedicated to expressing and creating art are significant in our community.

Be a part of it at Poetry Night, where the plan is to get a little crafty with our words. Revolve One is a locally produced podcast and collaborative project and this will be their first live event, ever. It’s taking place at The Exchange downtown and everyone is invited.

Featured will be original poetry readings by Crystal Garcia. She and Rudy Garcia will talk about the process of using poetry as a coping mechanism, and as an outlet to transform unconventional feelings into something constructive.
Navigating conversations about our emotional, psychological, and mental well-being is easy to skirt around, but bringing the topic forward during mental health awareness week is important for breaking the ice, and the stigmas.

Rudy and Crystal, founders of the Revolve One podcast, are advocating for the overdue confrontation.

“Confronted and handled in such a way as to increase compassion, awareness, and discover possible solutions in our own community to aid in overall mental health of us all,” they wrote.

The nature of the podcast is to pull together the community on different topics, including the more marginalized ones, to engage, educate, and enrich. Its creators, Rudy and Crystal, have included a topic in their first live event as another one of those marginalized ones that we don’t really talk about – but we can start to, anytime. And tonight, at The Exchange. Bring your notebooks and get inspired!

The event starts at 8pm, and you can learn more about Crystal and Rudy’s podcast on their Facebook page,

Mental health awareness week is October 7- October 13.