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Hyde Park Home Becomes an Artist’s Retreat

Art advisor Morgane Heinz Blackmon curates her dream space, turning a Hyde Park home into an artist's retreat.

A bright and open kitchen and dining space with natural wood finishes fills the space of this Hyde Park home in Corpus Christi.

Photography by Jason Page

Morgane Heinz Blackmon has dreamt of building her dream home since she was a child. She remembered, “I have always loved one-story ranch-style homes with metal roofs as well as California Spanish and hacienda-style homes.” When Morgane and her husband, Henry, purchased their lot in Hyde Park in 2019, she was well prepared to bring her vision to life.

“Our home is loosely based on Hugh Newell Jacobsen’s ‘U-shaped’ configuration,” said Blackmon. “I grew up in a Walter Wisznia home that had floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the backyard and pool, so I’ve always loved that Frank Lloyd Wright aesthetic with lots of windows and the ability to see nature throughout the house.”

The kitchen of this Hyde Park home in Corpus Christi features a colossal wood island with chevron detailing and a counter-to-ceiling backsplash that draws the eye upward to the vaulted ceilings.
The kitchen features a colossal wood island with chevron detailing and a counter-to-ceiling backsplash that draws the eye upward to the vaulted ceilings.

Blackmon’s main goal for the home was to create an open, casual space ripe for entertaining and comfortable for her, her husband and their two golden retrievers, Baxter and Asher. With the help of interior designer Jon Hall of Prime Designs, and builder Chuck Clark of South Shore Homes, Blackmon’s dream home came to fruition.

“I love that it is something I dreamed up, carried out and get to dwell in,” Blackmon smiled. “I handled the entire design inside and out. I picked out the floors, every tile, every sconce. I even custom designed sconces with Worley Lighting in North Carolina.”

The home features dramatic 18-foot vaulted ceilings, striking black framed windows, organic materials and layered texture. The living room, with its mix of modern and primitive furnishings, features two pillowy sofas, a Moroccan rug and a double-sided fireplace. The other side of the fireplace faces the casual dining room and kitchen. Recessed wood bookcases flank the fireplace in the dining room—perfect ways to display Blackmon’s primitive pottery. In the kitchen, the massive island is ideal for entertaining, while the open shelves exhibit monochromatic dishes and sculptural pottery.

One of the most notable elements of the home is the stunning art collection. Blackmon, who owns MHB Art Advisory, thoughtfully curated each piece. “We have art from both Tony and Tracey Mose in New Orleans, Marcy Sanchez from Corpus Christi, Cande Aguilar from Brownsville, Ricardo Ruiz from Corpus Christi and Jane Dubois from Austin,” she said. “We have pieces we collected from California, France and San Miguel, as well.”

The stark white gallery-style walls throughout the home are the perfect canvas for the art to shine. Even the hallways feature works by New Orleans artist Tony Esom and South Texas artist Cande Aguilar. One of Blackmon’s most prized pieces is the black-and-white oil painting by Ricardo Ruiz, which is above the fireplace in the dining room. “The detail is perfection. It is my favorite piece in the house,” Blackmon said.

Blackmon is not only an art lover, curator and scout — she is an artist in her own right. “Half my family are artists. My mother is an interior designer and my grandfather was an architect and engineer. I went to art school and have a BFA in painting and art history. I love and literally dream about art, architecture, fashion and travel. I will wake up with a new home to design, a clothing line to create or painting I should paint.”

Blackmon’s passion for all things art, architecture and design are evident in the home. Every corner features a breathtaking art or furniture piece … the home in its entirety acts as its own art gallery in a sense.

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