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How You Can Vote!

Election Day Excitement and Guide

By: Julieta Hernandez

Tuesday is election day, and the midterms are on everyone’s mind. Some are running their usual course by voting, some are voting for the very first time, and others herald this one to be one of the most important elections we’ve had so far. Either way, the voter turnout in Texas is pretty wild this go-around — from just early voting, the number of Texas voters alone surpassed the amount of all of the nation’s voters in the 2014 midterms. Yes, you read that right.

Early voting rates in Texan young-adults alone have gone up 508 percent from the 2014 midterms. The right to vote has never looked so righteous, and anyone who hasn’t exercised their ballot yet can do so today!

November 6th, from 7 A.M. to 7 P.M., there are plenty of ways you can get your number in and your voice heard. The CCRTA will not charge for rides to the voting polls to encourage votes, and the ride-share app Lyft is offering free and discounted rides to the polls as “The Ride To Vote”.

Not completely sure how to mark your ballot? The midterm elections include a variety of candidates, and getting information on those that will directly impact your own community is important. You can head to ballot ready and just enter your address and learn about the candidates for: U.S. Senate, your state candidates, local candidates, and judicial candidates. Yes, there are a LOT — but familiarizing yourself with your options makes the process a lot smoother and less intimidating once you’re in that booth.

Finding your polling station is simple. For most situations, you can literally just ask Google “where to vote” and based on your address, it’ll give you the closest polling places available. It really is that simple!

As for getting to the polls, make sure you bring your State Issued ID: Texas accepts a Driver’s License, Texas Election Identification certificate, a Military ID, Citizenship certificate, or a U.S. Passport.

If you have none of these, you’ll have to fill out a form, but you can bring your valid voter registration card, an original birth certificate, or a government issued document with your name and address.

Election Day voting predicts heavy lines, as always. We recommend showing up early, especially if you have later obligations like work, school, or plans you made with your friends. Oh, you can also make that a plan you make with your friends: if you’re waiting in a long line, voting with friends makes it a lot more exciting, and you can always carpool together.

The push for everyone to go out and vote has shown its impact this year during the midterms, and it’s only imaginable how much further we can take the voting record today on election day. One of the most American things we can do is vote, so we’ll see you guys there!