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Holiday Party Potluck Picks

Recipes to surprise for the occasion

By Julieta Hernandez       Photo courtesy of Food Network

In between the string of holiday parties this season are the new and unique potluck dishes that will be unveiled for the event, and it’s hard not to say the reveal isn’t enticing. Pull off that saran wrap curtain and wow the crowd with something you spent all day on, all afternoon on, or your last fifteen minutes on before jetting out with your keys in hand.

Thankfully, you can impress in all scenarios. Here are some stand-outs that may have a hand in your potluck game this year.

For a full day of preparation

Having your entire day prior to partying free opens the door to some detailed art pieces that don’t just look good. They also taste insanely good.

For example, on the sweeter end of things, consider the Raspberry Prosecco Tulip (recipe). For a flashy centerpiece and a chance to use that fancy platter, go ahead and let her steal the show. It’s what she was asking for in her nearly 5 hours of prep time.

Raspberry Prosseco Tulip Photo courtesy of Food Network

For an aromatic adult punch, Glüwein – classic German mulled wine (recipe) is just as classy as it is appropriate for the weather. Best served warm, the different combinations of dashes and smells can take this warm, cozy wine wherever you want it to go. 

A Black-Pepper Pomegranate Molasses Glazed Turkey (recipe) is just about a mouthful to say as it is to prepare. But when you pull out this wildcard at a potluck dinner, the carmelized, glistening turkey will be the mouthful that was so worth it in the end.

Black Pepper Pomegranate Molasses Turkey photo courtesy of Food Network.

A hearty meatless main piece is the Alsatian Potato Pie (recipe). Carbs make us all a little happier, and satiate carnivores and herbivores alike. Golden potatoes and flaky pastry crust will definitely make a scene when cut into for serving. 

For a full afternoon of preparation:

When you’ve got a couple hours after work or your morning errands, spend a few in the kitchen (but don’t forget to stop by the store on your way home!)

A pomegranate guacamole (recipe) is something nobody in the room has probably thought to try. Well, guess what: you’re about to change that with this quirky dish that’s definitely going to be a talker.

Pomegranate Guacamole photo courtesy of Barefoot in The Kitchen.

For a sugary delight, a Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip (recipe) with some graham or gingerbread crackers on the side can be arranged cutely and enjoyed sweetly.

A Holiday Wreath Cheeseball (recipe) takes some dedication, and a real love of cheese. Friends, cheese, and crackers to dip into it: this recipe weaves it all in together at once. Plus, it’s as Christmassy as you can get away with with just the right amount of being cheesy. 

For last minute preparation:

When you’re RIGHT out of work and have roughly 15-20 minutes to tie a tie and figure out your potluck dish, no worries. You can put these together with your hair still in curlers:

Fruit and cheese kabobs can go to any length of fanciness, depending on your fruit and cheese on hand. Skewers and a little pattern-making is all you’ll need for these enjoyable little things.

A Spinach Apple Salad (recipe) can be achieved with a little bit of chopping and getting creative. Crisp apples surprise guests in any salad, and in big batches, this recipe can just be doubled.

The simplicity of the Sparkling Pear Punch (recipe) is almost unfair to the complexity the beverage seems to air to any party. For a non-alcoholic companion that sparkles in the evening, the prep time on this one is more than generous. 

Sparkling Pear Punch photo courtesy of Tablespoon.