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Here’s What KEDT Host Lon Gonzalez is Listening to Right Now

In honor of our April issue's Person of Interest, we asked KEDT radio host Lon Gonzalez what tunes are currently flowing from his own headphones

By: Lon Gonzalez  Photo by: Lillian Reitz

One of the great things about working in radio for over 40 years is that you come across a lot of types of music. I’ve worked in a variety of stations with different musical formats, so that gives me some really good insight into what music I’m in the mood for. 

Since I play some guitar, I’m naturally attracted to great guitar playing. Right now, I find myself listening to Pat Metheny. The Grammy winning Jazz guitar great has created some of the most enduring catalogs of great music, beginning in 1975. 

Whenever I get the chance, I’ll still listen to his debut album ‘Bright Size Life’, featuring the amazing Jaco Pastorius on bass. Simple, clean guitar playing that took me by surprise! His 1987 release, ‘Still Life (Talking)’ brings Brazilian rhythms to the forefront, and every cut on this release from Metheny and his ensemble are gems! Pat’s 2020 release, ‘From This Place’, is another treat for the ears. A combination of Jazz and orchestral offerings that shows Pat’s musical evolution. It’s his first release since 2016, and 2021 will have another Pat Metheny offering: “Road to the Sun”. It’s something to look forward to!

Other similar artists I’m listening to right now include Acoustic Alchemy, California Guitar Trio and Peter White.

Listen to Lon’s curated playlist on Spotify now.