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Healing Through Home (and Om) with Somos Yoga

Somos Yoga opens its new studio on the Southside

Photo of Mari Gonzalez and Ryan Adames, owners of Somos Yoga

Mari Gonzalez and Ryan Adames, owners of Somos Yoga | Photo by Taylor Cravey

Within three years, Somos Yoga has gone from a small hot yoga studio in the Six Points area to an expanded space on the Southside, and a plethora of yogic and wellness offerings throughout the community. All stemming from a dream to help heal others of their physical, mental and emotional troubles, owners Mari Gonzalez and Ryan Adames embarked upon a journey of generosity to make yoga practice accessible to everyone.

Gonzalez has a background in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and boxing, and found her way to yoga with the sole intention of healing her body from aches and pains related to fighting. But after her first class, she was hooked. Gonzalez felt drawn to the physical practice of yoga, which eventually allowed her to unlock and heal other past traumas. “I was finding myself,” she said. “It was like I was coming home to myself, discovering self-love.” Only three months into her practice as a student, Gonzalez sought out yoga teacher training and went on to become an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, 500-hour Certification.

photo of a class at Somos Yoga South Side
Photo by Taylor Cravey

Coming from a nine-year journey playing football with college and NFL dreams, Adames was introduced to yoga through Gonzalez. He, too, was expecting to stretch a little and maybe gain more flexibility through yoga — and he, too, quickly learned it was much more than that. Yoga gave Adames a newfound connection within himself. Soon after, he completed a Registered Yoga Training 200-hour Certification. The couple’s collective experience and their desire to share space with others seeking holistic healing were driving forces in deciding to open Somos Yoga — that, and the fact that Corpus Christi was devoid of any hot yoga studios, a variation of yoga class that Gonzalez loves.

 “I fell in love with hot yoga and couldn’t find anyone to let me teach hot yoga, so we opened up our own studio,” she said. In 2019, Somos Six Points was born under the philosophy that everyone who walks through the doors can come further into themselves, to come home.

Photo of Mari Gonzalez and Ryan Adames, owners of Somos Yoga
Photo by Taylor Cravey

 Three short years and countless sun salutations later, Somos Southside opened in November 2023. Both locations offer a variety of classes for all levels and styles. Somos Yoga has Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Buti, Hatha and Baptiste yoga in non-heated, warm and hot temperatures — seven days a week. Along with the movement of yoga, Somos has wellness services that include sound bowls, reiki, breath work and cold plunge therapy for those seeking the entire mind, body and soul experience.

 Above all, the duo’s passion in creating Somos Yoga is rooted in contributing to healing and wellness. With the opening of the new Southside location, they are well on their way to continue elevating the collective consciousness of our community.


5540 Saratoga Blvd.  |  @somos_yoga_ig